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How Do You Know If Outdoor Lighting in Goose Creek SC Is Right for Your Home?

“Something’s always going on in Goose Creek,” they say, but if it were going on at your house, outdoors, at night … could you see it? Without professional outdoor lighting around your home, your driveway, your deck, pool or patio, chances are it would be too dark there for you to see it.

With your permission, we would like to help you shine some carefully-placed light on your home and landscape at night. With the right kind of outdoor lighting in Goose Creek SC, you could be enjoying the outdoors around your home more at night.

Map that is showing where Goose Creek is

How do we know this? Because our many clients have told us, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston, that they got their “yard back at night” after we installed outdoor lighting on their property. Your home, too, can become an outdoor lighting success story with just one phone call.

“Why Do I Need Outdoor Lighting Around My Goose Creek SC House at Night?”

If you drive around a neighborhood where many of the homes have special outdoor lighting installed, you imagine those homeowners all know something that people in the other homes don’t know. “There’s something about outdoor lighting … it makes a difference when I want to … and it really helps me when I … and it keeps my kids safer, too.”

How would you finish those sentences if you had professional outdoor lighting installed at your home?

“There’s something about outdoor lighting that makes my house and my yard exceptionally beautiful at night. I love the way the lights make the house show up from the street—not too bright, but enough to make it stand out, in a good way.”

Home with special lighting

“Outdoor lighting makes a difference when I want to sit out on the patio with my guests, late into the night. We’re in our own little world, our own circle of light, and it feels mellow and relaxing. We don’t have to go inside after dark or squint to make out someone’s facial expressions when they’re telling another one of their wild stories.”

“Outdoor lighting really helps me when I’m trying to show people where to go down the path to the pool. With those little path lights along the way, I can send them on ahead while I go back into the house to finish getting everything we need for snacks and drinks at the pool.”

“Outdoor lighting keeps my kids safer, too. Now that we have lights around the deck and the deck stairs I don’t have to worry about them every time they run up and down from the deck to the yard.”

Residential yard with landscape lighting

“Why Do I Need Outdoor Lighting Around My Goose Creek SC House at Night?”

  • Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home at night.
  • It makes your favorite trees, flowers and plants visible at night so you can enjoy looking at them.
  • It welcomes your visitors and shows them how to get around your yard safely.
  • It extends the number of hours you can enjoy using your outdoor living spaces.
  • It makes your home safer at night and discourages prowlers.
  • It makes you happy to turn into your driveway after a late night out.
  • It makes you proud of your home when you see it from the street at night.

“Are There Different Kinds of Outdoor Lighting in Goose Creek SC?”

An excellent question. There are two primary types of residential outdoor lighting: architectural lighting and landscape lighting.

We use the first type, architectural lighting, to highlight the most beautiful or interesting features of your home’s façade at night, and the effect can be beautiful and dramatic.

We use the second type, landscape lighting, to show off your favorite trees and other plants at night. Our clients who keep beautiful rose gardens or azaleas or beds of lilies love to illuminate their flower beds at night so they can sit out on the porch and enjoy them.

We also use landscape lighting to illuminate special features in your yard such as a fountain, a statue or a pond with a waterfall. If you have any kind of art in your yard, you’ll love having a light on it at night even for your own enjoyment.

“What Else Do I Need To Know About Outdoor Lighting in Goose Creek SC?”

There is a lot more to talk about, so why don’t you give us a call to set an appointment? We’ll come out to your home and provide you with a free outdoor lighting design consultation. We will even set up a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home so you can see how effective outdoor lighting would be there.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring your Goose Creek SC home and landscape to life at night, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!