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Look No Further for the Finest Outdoor Lighting Company in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant certainly has its share of exquisite homes and beautiful waterfront properties. You’ve invested time and money into your home’s exterior and landscaping, so why let it all go dark at night? We happen to know of an excellent outdoor lighting company in Mount Pleasant, SC, with the experience and skills to do your home justice. It’s us! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston.

Home and front yard with landscape lighting

Frankly, not all outdoor lighting companies are capable of lighting your home the way it deserves to be seen. We have proven our expertise throughout this city in residential and commercial outdoor lighting installations over the past 12-plus years.

Would you like to see what magic we can work at your Mount Pleasant home, too? We make it easy for you to say “Yes!” because we offer a free design consultation AND a free nighttime lighting demonstration. When you see what our professional outdoor lighting techniques can do for your home and property after dark, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to find out.

Your Free Nighttime Outdoor Lighting Demonstration

First, we’ll meet with you at your Mount Pleasant home to walk the property and talk about what you would like to achieve with outdoor lighting. From this conversation, we’ll create a custom lighting plan designed to meet your goals and show your home in the very best light. Then we’ll schedule your free nighttime demonstration, and on that day we’ll arrive at your home approximately 30 minutes prior to sunset. Our designer will set up temporary lighting fixtures according to that design, and when the sun sets, we’ll flip the switch on. The typical homeowner’s response is to “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh” like it’s the 4th of July. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish.

It’s important to note that while architectural lighting and landscape lighting are remarkably beautiful, you’ll gain practical benefits as well. Lighting around your home can deter crime and increase the safety of your walkways and steps at night.

Pathway and trees with landscape lighting

Types of Outdoor Lighting for Your Mount Pleasant Home

We use the highest-quality LED bulbs and fixtures. Our copper and brass fixtures will stand up to the elements and gain a gorgeous patina as they age. You may have heard in the past that LED lights were disappointing and gave off a bluish-white glow that was not flattering to landscape or architecture. That was true at one time, however, the technology has improved to the point that LED lights provide lighting as attractive as halogen lights do. Why does this matter? LED lights use up to 80% less energy than halogen. The savings on your monthly electric bill will be significant.

Architectural Lighting

Our work to accent your home’s best features is more subtle than a bright spotlight pointed at your house. We’ll work with the textures of your home’s façade and bring out elements you might not even notice in the daytime. Effective architectural lighting says, “Welcome.”

Landscape Lighting

Your prize lilies, the palm trees that each look unique, the majestic southern live oak trees, a fountain or water feature — any of these can be lit to create a vignette of depth and texture. While you may select focal points in your landscape to receive the attention, lighting along hedges and borders can also increase safety and visibility along your driveway and walkways.

Garden Lighting

Whether you have a formal garden or something a bit wilder, the right lighting will make a splash of color pop. Your garden at night may outshine its daytime counterpart.

Deck and Patio Lighting

Extend the pleasure of using your deck and patio into the wee hours. There’s no need to move the party indoors when the sun sets.

Pool Lighting

If you have a pool, the lighting effects can be magical with a combination of lights underwater and lights anchored in nearby landscaping or along retaining walls to outline the area. The effect of lights dancing on the water’s surface is truly mesmerizing. And for safety, we’ll look at lighting the path or steps from your house to the pool.

Dock Lighting

If your waterfront home has dock access, we can light the area to increase safety and welcome your guests arriving by boat. Path lighting from the dock to the house is also a good idea.

Holiday Lighting

We can do the exterior holiday decorating for you. Leave your ladders in the garage; we’ll bring our own. We can even store your holiday lights when you’re not displaying them.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Mount Pleasant, SC, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!