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Outdoor Courtyard Lighting in Charleston, SC, Is a Gift You Give Yourself

If you’re lucky enough to have one of Charleston’s beautiful courtyards at your home and haven’t yet looked into courtyard lighting, what are you waiting for? You’re going to be so amazed when you add professional lighting you’ll regret waiting this long. While the courtyard itself is already beautiful, when you add the right lighting at night, your courtyard will be transformed to another level of beauty. You may have seen this effect at someone else’s courtyard, but it’s even more powerful when the space you’re transforming is your own.

Courtyard with a fountain and rose bushes

Notice we said “the right lighting.” A romantic Charleston courtyard is not the place to try your hand at Do-It-Yourself outdoor lighting. Only the best professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting will do a Charleston courtyard justice. Only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can handle this job to perfection. We live and breathe Charleston outdoor lighting every day. We know how to “do” Charleston right.

What makes outdoor courtyard lighting in Charleston, SC, so difficult? We didn’t exactly say it was difficult. Think of it as a work of art. If you don’t have talent as an artist, you can still purchase tubes of paint, a few brushes and a canvas. You can apply paint to the canvas. But you might not want to hang that painting in your living room.

Courtyard with lots of plants and special landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and especially outdoor courtyard lighting are not works of manual labor. They are works of art. For each Charleston courtyard we illuminate, we design a custom lighting plan to enhance the specific features in that courtyard. As no two courtyards or gardens are exactly alike, no two professional lighting designs are exactly alike.

Professional outdoor lighting designers have talent, we have skills and we have training specific to each different lighting technology in our toolbox. Talent led us into this profession, like a calling. Skills have made us good at this work. Training enables us to use each type of light fixture and light placement to the greatest effect. Add our remarkable customer service, and you have the essence of what makes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston the best lighting company to trust with your courtyard.

If you have statues, other kinds of art or fountains in your Charleston courtyard, you’re in for an extra treat. We can custom design deliberate but subtle focus lighting to enhance each piece of art and each water feature. The courtyard is your oasis and your showpiece. You relish the time you’re able to spend there. What you’ll find with courtyard lighting is that first, it enhances the beauty of the place, the same beauty you see in the daylight. Then it adds another dimension of beauty achieved only through light and shadows, adding depth and texture to your already-beautiful setting. What are you waiting for?

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring your Charleston courtyard to life at night, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!