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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® Owns the Night on Sullivan’s Island

You, too, can “Own the Night” on Sullivan’s Island with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. If your landscaping goes dark at night, let us take care of that for you with subtle and elegant landscape lighting at your Sullivan’s Island home.Tower

Whether you live here year-round or part of the year, you will enjoy your island property even more when you see it bathed in a gentle wash of landscape lighting. Our professional lighting designers have placed outdoor lighting on properties all over the Charleston area, and we are very good at what we do. You can put that experience to work for your home, and you won’t believe your eyes when you see the effects. No matter how beautiful your home and landscape are, when we add just the right touches of landscape lighting, all you’ll be able to say will be “wow!”

We Customize Your Experience of Landscape Lighting On Sullivan’s Island SC

We won’t bring big spotlights and aim them at your trees with a glare. We have a way of delicately angling one light here and another one there until a series of discrete lights is playing your landscape and making it sing. In harmony. We have several different kinds of lighting fixtures designed to showcase different types of plants such as live oak trees, palm trees, flowering shrubs, rose beds and more. We can use uplighting that shines into a focus shrub, giving it new dimension, and downlighting that looks like the moon is shining down through your trees. We have gentle lights for your pathways and flower beds, and we’ll illuminate just those you select and leaving everything else to retreat into darkness.

Pool and deck with lounge area and landscape lighting

You will be our partner in landscape lighting on Sullivan’s Island SC as we walk around your property with you and talk about your goals for lighting. You’ll select the plantings you want us to illuminate. We can explain the various lighting techniques and how they work with different kinds of plants, but ultimately the lighting plan we design is based on your preferences. All of the beauty that you’ve established to surround your home, including water features and statues, currently disappears at sunset. With landscape lighting, this beauty can be appreciated after dark, too.

Seeing Is Believing When It Comes to Landscape Lighting

If you’re uncertain about landscape lighting, or if you think our claims are exaggerated—sometimes people do!—we’ll be happy to set up a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home. After we meet with you and create a lighting design for your property, we’ll return with temporary lights and set them up just before sundown. When the sun sets, we’ll turn the lights on, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what your permanent lighting design would look like. What you’ll find is that no matter how beautiful your property is, with landscape lighting it will glow with a different beauty not seen in the daytime.

Pool and deck with special lighting

Landscape lighting can illuminate shrubs and other plantings that line your driveway or walkways, where it also serves as safety lighting for your family and guests. You need never have a dark walkway again.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can transform your Sullivan’s Island home and landscape after dark, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!