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Showcase the Elegance and Charm of Your Pawleys Island Home

As you spruced up your Pawleys Island home this spring, did you overlook the need for outdoor lighting? Whether you’ve had your island home for years, or this is your first summer here, it’s time you gave some thought to installing outdoor lighting at your Pawleys Island home.

Outdoor lighting isn’t just some trendy phrase that followed folks from the big-city suburbs here to the island. Outdoor lighting in Pawleys Island, SC, serves several purposes, and overall it is a wise investment for any island homeowner.

Home with landscape lighting

Maybe you’ve driven around Charleston or Savannah at night and seen elegant, well-lit homes and thought, Wow, I’d love to live in a house like that. Why not give your home the same allure, only in a beautiful island setting?

Top 4 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Pawleys Island, SC

  1. The most obvious benefit is the way outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home at night. Whether your home is new or well-seasoned, elegant or charming, when the sun goes down a lot of elegance and charm are lost in darkness. A simple solution is to schedule an appointment for a free lighting consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston.
  2. In addition to beauty, outdoor lighting offers increased safety and security. If you’re walking through your yard in the dark, what are you going to trip over? If you miss your step on a path or staircase, where will you fall? Outdoor lighting goes a long way toward eliminating accidents on your property. There is no need to come home to a dark house, either. The same outdoor lighting that enhances beauty also increases security at night.
  3. Landscape lighting around your pool, deck, porch or patio increases the amount of time you can enjoy those outdoor living spaces. You don’t need to be driven indoors by darkness, nor do you need to rely on flickering candles or tiki torches to provide sufficient lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston knows how important your outdoor living spaces are here on the island.
  4. If you’re renting out your island home part of the year, the increased curb appeal that landscape lighting provides will draw vacationers who value an especially attractive and well-lit beach home.

Map showing Pawleys Island

How do I get outdoor lighting at my Pawleys Island home?

Excellent question! It’s actually quite easy because we are very customer-oriented and we like to do the work for you. Once you schedule your free lighting design consultation, your work is done. Our professional outdoor lighting designer will arrive at your home, on time, and ask you for a tour of the property. We will ask questions about your goals for outdoor lighting. Some homeowners focus on safety and security goals, while others focus on enhancing beauty, and the good news is we can achieve both goals with the same lighting.

Home with special lighting

We’ll want to get more specific than that, though, because safety, security and beauty are very broad goals. Do you want landscape lighting, architectural lighting, path lighting, garden lighting, outdoor living space lighting—well, you get the idea! We’ll talk with you about what you want to light, and why, and we’ll offer our suggestions. After this meeting, our lighting designer will create a custom lighting plan specifically for your home and the goals you talked about.

If you’re confident you want outdoor lighting installed at your home, your next appointment will be with our lighting technicians who’ll conduct the installation. However, if you’re not yet convinced about the effectiveness of outdoor lighting, we also offer a free nighttime lighting demonstration. We’ll return with your custom lighting plan in hand and set up temporary lights just before sundown. After the sun sets, we’ll turn on the lights. This step usually washes away any doubts in the mind of a potential client.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring elegant illumination to your Pawleys Island home and property after dark, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!