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Looking for Landscape Lighting, Folly Beach SC Homeowners Like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives®

As residents of Folly Beach, SC, you are fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors almost every day of the year. As sure as night follows day, there are plenty of nights you aren’t ready to go inside just because the sun has set. This is one of the biggest reasons you need landscape lighting at your Folly Beach home – and especially around your home’s outdoor living areas.

Map that is showing Folly Beach

Outdoor Living Is Not the Only Reason to Install Landscape Lighting

Of course, there are several other reasons you need landscape lighting at your Folly Beach, SC, home. We are so focused on outdoor living around here sometimes it’s easy to forget. Let’s look at additional reasons we hear most often when homeowners talk about why they want to have landscape lighting installed.

Nighttime Curb Appeal

Everyone knows a home that’s beautiful on the outside has more curb appeal, but what people forget is that’s only in the daylight. Once the sun sets, your home loses that curb appeal if you have nothing but a poor, little porch light to guide visitors. Landscape lighting brings your property to life and restores curb appeal after dark.

Palm trees and yard with landscape lighting

Welcoming Guests

When your home and your yard are illuminated with a warm and welcoming glow, guests feel graciously beckoned inside. The right amount of illumination says, “We’re expecting you!” and, “Come on in! We’re so glad you’re here!”

Increasing Safety

Pathway lighting is a form of landscape lighting that increases safe passage around your property. Anywhere you have a walkway, path, stepping stones or stairs, you should have enough pathway lighting to ensure people can see where they are walking. Even driveway safety increases with path lighting.

Pathway with a gate that has palm trees and is highlighted with landscape lighting

Showing Off Your Yard’s Best Features

Yes, beauty for the sake of beauty is to be enjoyed. If you have exquisite trees, exotic plants or beautiful flowers, let us illuminate them so you and your guests can appreciate their glory. We also recommend illuminating other features of your landscape such as water features, fire features, statues and other forms of outdoor art. Gazebos, pergolas and trellises can be dramatic when gently illuminated.

Outdoor pool and deck with with a lounge area and special lighting

Folly Beach SC Homeowners are Passionate about Outdoor Living

You love your patio, deck and pool surround. An outdoor kitchen, pergola or fire feature enhances these favorite areas. You can enhance them even more by adding landscape lighting. The landscape lighting Folly Beach SC residents enjoy most will increase the number of hours each day you can truly live in your outdoor living areas. Many days, the time after sunset is when the temperature is perfect and you enjoy being outdoors the most.

When your professional landscape lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston visits your home for a consultation, show us your outdoor oasis. Tell us whether your patio is used more for dining and relaxing with family or entertaining dozens at a time. Show us the areas where you spend the most time outdoors. Let us know if you would like festive party lighting, subtle lighting for ambiance or both! Yes, both! We can set up two types of landscape lighting and you can decide which you want to use any given evening. It’s your home, and you’re in control!

The landscape lighting we design for your outdoor living areas will depend on what trees, shrubs, flowers and other plantings make up your landscape. We will create a completely custom design for your home based on what plants you have and how they are configured in relation to your outdoor living structures. Every home is unique and your landscape lighting design will be unique, too!

Destination Landscape Lighting Folly Beach SC

You’re familiar with destination weddings. Now we have destination landscape lighting. Your home will be everyone’s favorite destination when you have your Folly Beach landscape lighting professionally designed and installed. Don’t spend your precious time trying to figure it out; just give us a call and we will take care of everything. Outdoor lighting is all we do, and landscape lighting is our specialty. We love illuminating Folly Beach SC properties with landscape lighting. The beauty of the palm trees and palmettos, the yucca plants, the hibiscus, oleander and lantana – everything that grows is even more dramatic and beautiful at night with landscape lighting.

Coastal living is special. The right landscape lighting makes it even more special.

To bring your Folly Beach home and landscape lighting to life after dark, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!