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Commercial Lighting in Chicago

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Every Venue

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Outdoor lighting can add a magical touch to any setting. Whether you are in the service sector or specialize in commerce or public events, make sure you dazzle patrons and guests with an enchanting ambience they will never forget.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago, we offer an extensive list of fixtures and hardware to choose from, ranging from brass to copper to handcrafted products. We also have the latest lighting technology and add-ons you need. From our energy-efficient LED bulbs to our digital app that allows you to adjust the intensity, color, and schedule of your light display from a handheld device, we have all the latest gadgets.

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Here is a brief list of some of the venues and industries we provide commercial outdoor lighting for:

  • Special events venues and locations hosting large outdoor ceremonies, like racetracks and state fairs
  • Wedding chapels, nightclubs, and outdoor amphitheaters
  • High-end restaurants, boutique café patios, and pub balconies
  • Hotel courtyards, bed & breakfast locations, and Airbnb properties
  • Shopping malls, arcades, strip malls, and business parks
  • Recreational centers, country clubs, golf courses, and amusement parks
  • Homeowner’s associations and apartment complexes
  • Public parks, museums, and convention centers

Commercial Lighting Services in Chicago that Rise Above the Competition

No matter what industry or commercial sector you need commercial landscape lighting for, we will provide outstanding service from start to finish. Between our industry-leading design team and skilled technicians, we offer top-notch knowledge, creativity, and reliability to every customer.

String outdoor commercial lighting on Chicago rooftop

Here are just a few of the perks you can expect when choosing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago:

  • Weather-resistant hardware – Our outdoor lighting installation team is experienced and trained to securely protect your lighting displays with industry-leading techniques. That way, when harsh weather conditions arise, your setup will be as safe from damage as it can possibly be.
  • Annual maintenance plans (AMP) – Once your lighting display is installed, we offer a yearly service plan that includes a thorough inspection of fixtures, timers, wires, connections, transformers, voltage levels, and bulbs. We will even trim landscape areas that obstruct lighting.
  • Design expertise – With our customizable design guide, you’ll be able to artfully create the perfect landscape lighting arrangement. Our versatile techniques, equipment, and effects allow us to create spectacular displays that work with every architectural aesthetic.
  • Lighting assessment score – Our technicians can inspect your landscape and property to score your current outdoor lighting situation. Our diagnostics assess unlit walkways, loose wires, broken bulbs, exposed fixtures, and blind spots, and then report back.
  • Free demonstrations – Before installation begins, we offer customers complimentary demonstrations that exemplify what the finished product will look like. This helps ensure you will love your commercial lighting display.
  • Quality control and follow-ups – After your outdoor lighting display is completed, our team returns at night to make sure everything is as it should be. If problems or issues are found, they are fixed promptly.
  • Automated solutions – New technology allows business owners to adjust their lighting systems from the convenience of a mobile device: zoning, dimming, and brightening as needed with easy-to-use controls.
  • Warranty coverage – We warranties that range from lifetime guarantees for OLP-brand transformers, fixtures, and wires, to five-year warranties on all LED bulbs and electronics, to single year warranties on halogen bulbs. Regardless of what products you choose, your commercial outdoor lighting will certainly be covered for quite some time.
  • Energy Efficient LED lighting for Chicago businesses! – Over the past few decades, incandescent, HID, and CFL technologies have improved substantially. Nevertheless, these lighting options are gradually becoming upended by the increasingly cost-effective and energy-efficient options of LED, induction, and high-efficiency fluorescence.

With so many incentives, trustworthy policies, and state-of-the-art offerings, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago is unequaled in the commercial outdoor lighting industry.

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