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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recently had a blast working with a local Cincinnati homeowners association (HOA) outdoor lighting installation as part of a multi-phase neighborhood lighting upgrade. During phase one, we were tasked with illuminating their community sign at the road. Next, they were wondering if they could save a few dollars by upgrading their current system and adding more fixtures in order to illuminate all the common areas and showcasing their clubhouse in the best evening light, too. We showed them they could achieve savings by swapping to low-energy consumption LED’s for long-term savings on their operational costs.


We have worked with HOA’s for years in order to add outdoor landscape lighting that results in not only a beautiful ambiance but also influences the home values of all the homes in the subdivision. We take gorgeous design schemes and install fabulous, custom lighting that casts stunning light at your entry into the neighborhood, signage, pathways, pool, clubhouse, and any natural, recreational and parking areas. Your residents and visitors will appreciate the ease in getting around the community as well as the safety aspects, too.entrance lightingEvery HOA neighborhood is different, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Dayton/Cincinnati can help your HOA achieve a spectacular custom entry lighting plan that adds innumerable paybacks that your community residents will feel immediately:


HOA subdivision outdoor lighting provides evening grandeur to your community and gives a warm and friendly feel to not only to the homeowners but also to visiting guests. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Dayton/Cincinnati will stylishly illuminate the entry gate, columns and your neighborhood sign with a mixture of up and down lighting that exudes a feeling of sophistication.


Our expert lighting designers can do it all! There is no zone they can’t augment with light such as your road median dividers, walls or fences marking your entry, and any trees that line the road bordering your neighborhood. The residents will feel a pride of ownership as they can see everything glimmer in the evening light. We are careful to cast a warm glow on everything so that there is no stark glare into the eyes of walkers or drivers alike.


We are happy to help you save when it comes to your bottom line budget. We can work with you to minimize costs thanks to low wattage LED bulbs that are energy efficient and can aid in reducing power consumption. We can switch out older halogen type bulbs that are cost hogs, and our all-metal construction fixtures ensure longer lasting materials that save money in the long run.


Up_Light_InstallAfter we’ve designed and installed a dazzling lighting scheme for your HOA, we also service it. There is no need to worry or make multiple calls to get things repaired, adjusted or even tweaked. You simply give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Dayton/Cincinnati a call and we will be your dedicated service partner to take care of everything. We will swap bulbs, cut back vegetation that may have grown over a fixture, bury any wires that may have surfaced over time and reset your timer and maintain your transformers. We will service ANY system whether we have installed it or someone else has.


A dark neighborhood doesn’t have an inviting feeling and it certainly doesn’t wow guests or its residents. We know that HOA subdivision lighting adds immense value to the homes because it raises perceived value. The homes in the vicinity inevitably feel like they have more worth because of the way lighting stages the appearance of all the surroundings. Evening lighting gives the homes and properties a much more luxe feel.


This is one benefit that cannot be understated. Crooks and intruders typically keep away from neighborhoods that are well lit, particularly the common areas and pathways. Guard the wellbeing of your residents by casting light into murky, shadowy areas on every block. Residents will have a feeling of security when they arrive late at night from school or work no matter what time they come home. Make it easy for homeowners to drive around, walk their dog, roll their trash cans out and simply stroll the sidewalks in the evening. Furthermore, emergency crews can visibly see your neighborhood sign and address marker, lighting If you are looking to add beauty and save some money on your operating budget, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Dayton & Cincinnati today as your HOA subdivision and residential outdoor lighting and professionals. You can reach us at (513) 496-1130.


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