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Frequently asked Questions

Which Lighting Requires the Least Maintenance?

Induction offers an amazing 100,000 hours of life making it virtually maintenance free. LED, which lasts up to 50,000 hours also has minimal maintenance when compared to standard HID lamps which last 10,000 to 20,000 hours. Click here to view our comparison between LED, HID, and Induction lighting.

Is the Light Output Affected by Low or High Temperatures?

Whereas HID arc tubes deteriorate in strength over their lifetime due to chemical attack, thermal stress and mechanical vibration, induction and LED lighting overcomes thermal and other negative effects by physically separating the ballast from the lamp (heat source).

What is Induction & How Does it Work?

Induction is a revolutionary technology of light generation that combines the basic principals of induction and gas discharge in a lamp design. Void of electrons this technology delivers unprecedented 100,000 hours of high quality white light.

What is the Color Shift of Commercial Lighting?

The color of different technologies shift differently Induction lighting shifts very little and stabilizes to a crisp white. LED lamps also produce a white light but tend to shift color a little more. HID lights tend to be more yellow in color.

Can All Existing Lighting be Retrofitted?

It depends on both the type of lighting technology that is currently in place and the condition that fixture is in. In most cases, we can utilize the existing wiring.

how do lumens from induction lighting compare to HID?

Efficacy (Lumens per Watt) of Induction is actually higher than MH (75 LPW vs. 72 LPW for 150W system). Although higher wattage MH may initially produce higher lumen output per fixture (12,600L for 175W MH), their high rate of depreciation and limited 10,000 hr life translates into less lumen output within the first year than our lower wattage IL fixture. Therein IL provides greater foot-candle readings and higher CRI than MH.

Do outdoor lighting perspectives' fixtures contain mercury?

Our LED fixtures do not contain mercury, but our HID and Induction lamps do. Induction lighting contains a much smaller amount of mercury than HID fixtures. Unlike these other technologies that contain mercury in the form of vapor or highly volatile liquid which can be easily absorbed in one’s skin if exposed, IL contains mercury in a solid amalgam form. The solid mercury is contained in a small ampule on the side of the lamp and may simply be broken off and disposed of accordingly without any direct contact.

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