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Powerful and efficient, with the natural beauty of traditional halogen lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the leader in the industry with over 100,000 installations. With our invention of the night-time demonstration we showcase our outdoor LED lighting designs with a hands on approach. Not all LED lights are created equal, but we have perfected the beam spread and color temperature to match the look of traditional halogen lighting. All of our light fixtures are constructed of copper and brass to stand the harshest conditions. With quality in mind, we manufacture all of our fixtures in Nashville, Tennessee.

As we help you develop the your personalized design plan you will see our professionalism and expertise are unmatched. Our goal is to show you why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the first choice for all your outdoor lighting needs. To get started sign up for our FREE Night-time Preview.



with LED outdoor landscape lighting.

Wither your interest is security, comfort, or curb appeal, outdoor LED lighting has a way of offering that “welcome home” feel. Also, adding lighting to your backyard can extend the evenings to share more time with your friends and family. What else can you gain from outdoor lighting?


extend beyond their efficiency.

Outdoor LED lighting is rated at 50,000 hours of operation and they save over 70% in energy consumption over their predecessors. However, those are not the only benefits. We use different optics within each fixture to adjust the beam spread and brightness to achieve the best light for each home. Exterior LED lighting needs to be flexible to account for different architectures and landscapes.Technology Comparison Chart

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We create the unimaginable.

We will exceed your expectations while working to develop the right design for your home. With over 20+ years of experience in creating stunning landscape lighting designs, as well as our ability to create custom fixtures, we will do our best to highlight your homes best features. Although LED yard lighting has a functional purpose, it can be beautiful at the same time.

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