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Keep your landscape lighting looking like the day that it was installed.

LED Technology has changed outdoor lighting service. The advancement of our LED fixtures have proven to extend the lifespan of your lighting over the old halogen options. However, much like other outdoor items, “Mother Nature” causes us to keep them maintained. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides it’s customers with our “Full Service Maintenance” option for your LED lighting.LED_lighting_service_before_afterFull Service Maintenance includes our signature “PERFORMANCE REPORT”. Once signing up we schedule a visit to perform our 10 point inspection and make repairs necessary to re-certify your lighting system. This one time annual fee will protect you from service costs related to all aspects included in the performance report. We also extend the warranty on your entire system for an additional year.*

Performance Report

  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to ensure optimum illumination effects.
  • Conceal any exposed wire due to erosive conditions.
  • Check all fixture connections to ensure proper contact.
  • Trim plant overgrowth that prevents proper illumination output.
  • Check timing and operational control system.
  • Re-Position fixtures as landscape elements mature.
  • Check for proper voltage delivery on each fixture.
  • Check and identify any cut wires the need repaired.
  • Check transformer connections and adjust if necessary.
  • Perform visual inspection with the customer when available.

More Information

Here are some events that may impact your system over time — things that we can fix and make right again — so it will look like new.




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