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New LED Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lightIn an effort to go continue our GREEN efforts, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the nations leading landscape lighting company with over 90 US locations, announced recently at there National Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida the introduction of their complete new LED landscape lighting product. B and B manufacturing, has produced low voltage landscape lighting fixtures in Nashville, Tennessee exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for over 15 years. Their experience in research, design and manufacturing has offered Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchise System the best and most reliable products on the market. The new LED products bring four things to landscape lighting customers. First, longer lasting bulbs life, less energy consumption, less wire needed for installations and the ability to add more fixtures on smaller (less expensive) transformers.

With this innovation, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives still stays ahead of all competition in that they have a dedicated US Manufacturing Company as always looking out for the best and most efficient method of keep our 80,000 trusting customers on the cutting edge of technology. You can read more on this topic at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and search for the local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location close to you.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Patio Supply, and Mosquito Squad are happy to help you reclaim your backyard and turn it into an Outdoor Living Space.

About the Author: Jim Hilliard

I started Outdoor Lighting Perspectives back in 1995, since then we have franchised and now have over 35 offices around the country. Our business has grown to what it is today because of our extraordinary service. Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.