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Don’t Abandon Those High Voltage Lighting Systems

The homeowner at my outdoor lighting design appointment with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives last week had an existing high-voltage system they wanted to replace with our low-voltage system. One option we suggest is to replace the lighting fixtures with power outlets instead of abandoning the circuit. These outlets are handy for yard work (trimming hedges, etc) and Christmas or holiday lighting. Most of the time the old high-voltage lighting is controlled by a switch near the front door so now you can control your holiday lighting from the same switch. Today’s low-voltage lighting system may be safer, more economical, and more beautiful than the old hi-voltage systems but consider giving those circuits a second life.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Patio Supply, and Mosquito Squad are happy to help you reclaim your backyard and turn it into an Outdoor Living Space.

About the Author: Jim Hilliard

I started Outdoor Lighting Perspectives back in 1995, since then we have franchised and now have over 35 offices around the country. Our business has grown to what it is today because of our extraordinary service. Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.