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How Can Outdoor Lighting Automation Save You Money?

Learn how Dayton outdoor lighting automation by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati can save product and energy costs.

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Sometimes it seems like we are constantly inundated with frivolous hi-tech gadgetry that will die out when “something better” comes along.  We have likely experienced this with smartphones and toy trends.  Some of you might be thinking that outdoor lighting automation falls into the category of misfit fads and trends, but Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati is here to tell you not to throw this lighting innovation into the proverbial junk drawer just yet!

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Think about your heating and cooling system for a moment.  Over the last 15-20 years, many of us have seen our home thermostats evolve into smart little keypads or touch screens on which we schedule our systems to heat and cool at different temperatures during different times of the day.  Now, if you have paid attention, you will have noticed energy savings by running a specific schedule for your hot and cold air, based on when you are home, gone, asleep, or awake.

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Apply that to Dayton voice-control/lighting automation.  The lights are on when we need them, and off when we do not.  Automating your home’s lighting means that you never forget to turn off one light or a series of lights in or outside one area of your home before you leave for work, or for a trip out of town.  Automating your lighting to dim below maximum capacity later in the evening and overnight means you will use less energy than if you just clicked on the lights at dusk, and turned them off at dawn.

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Having smart technology turn your lights on when you enter a room, and off when you leave isn’t just incredibly convenient, but it eliminates accidentally leaving a light on to use up unnecessary energy.  Having remote access to your home’s lighting while you’re on vacation isn’t just a novelty, but offers an all new level of security while you’re away from your home.  It allows you to only use lighting at minimum capacity and only in the areas you choose.  In doing so, you are saving energy and extending the life of your lighting!  Voice-control devices are estimated to be in up to 60% of American homes already.  Add lighting control to your voice-control device!

Why not add lighting automation to your Dayton and Cincinnati smart home automation?

There is no reason not to! You likely already have automated functionality in things like TVs and coffee makers, some of which come with built-in shut-off timers.  It’s not called “smart technology” for just one reason.  The technology behind automation is ingenious.  It’s also smart to not use energy when we don’t have to, and if you ask Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati, we believe saving money on unused energy is very smart!

If you are ready to get started on your Dayton and Cincinnati smart home automation with outdoor lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati at (513) 496-1130 to schedule a lighting design and automation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!