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Fall in Love With Your Outdoor Lighting All Over Again — Schedule a Seasonal Tune-up Today!

Fall is the perfect time of year to think about all aspects of your outdoor lighting system since the days are getting shorter and a natural adjustment comes into play that may require some slight tweaks to your existing system. With autumn’s arrival, homeowners will be ready to start decorating for the holidays ahead and preparing their home for visitors, there is no better time to be thinking outdoor lighting Dayton & Cincinnati outdoor lighting service & maintenance to get your lighting ready for cooler weather.

Dayton & Cincinnati Outdoor Lighting Service & Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati provides our lighting customers a free 1-year Annual Maintenance Plan with the installation of their new system. After that, each customer is free to renew their plan at a reasonable cost, and we know the benefits are innumerable. We come in and maintain all aspects of your system on an annual basis so you don’t have to worry about it, and we even regulate your timer and ensure the health of your transformer.

Residential house driveway with outdoor lights

If you choose not to have an annual plan, that’s okay too! We can give your system a tune-up any time of the year whether we installed it or even if one of our competitors did. There is a great deal we can do during a tune-up that can improve your light output and ensure the health of your system. We can clean your fixture lenses of debris or plant material that may be obstructing the beam of light so that each fixture continues to provide the greatest amount of light possible. We can adjust your fixtures to make sure they are upright and at optimal placement so they can illuminate properly.

Soon, the leaves will be changing colors and the leaves will begin to drop; and if you’ve got old-school halogen bulbs that can be extremely dangerous in your landscape. Halogens are notoriously hot to the touch and dry leaves and plant overgrowth can easily become a hazard in your garden beds; so it’s a great time to have the techs at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati to come out and put in newer LED outdoor lighting fixtures that are cool to the touch or let us retro-fit your existing ones. They are not only safer and produce no heat, but they are easier on your wallet over the long term as well due to lower wattage consumption.

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Dayton & Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Service & Maintenance

As your landscape matures, trees and plants get bigger and a fixture that was placed a year or more ago may no longer be providing the best illumination due to overgrowth of your vegetation. We’ve seen fixtures swallowed under ornamental grasses, those that are now too close to the base of a once smaller tree, etc. We can come over and rescue your drowning fixtures and re-position them into a better spot so that they can shine brightly again. We can trim back your overgrowth, too!

exposed wiring

Exposed wiring can cause accidents.

No one wants to see their landscape wiring in their garden beds. It simply looks tacky and disturbs the overall appeal of the look of your home. Over time, these can surface as roots push them up, you dig around to put in new plants and mulch washes away with rain. We can come in and remedy this unsightly look and re-bury your wiring so that it is hidden underground where it belongs. Exposed wiring isn’t only ugly, it’s also more likely to be accidentally cut or damaged by gardening tools such as clippers or the lawnmower, too.

When lighting is cast on trees that have leaves during summer, it looks very different in the fall when the leaves are gone. Sometimes, it makes sense to move a fixture during the fall and winter months to take advantage of the limb and branch structure of a deciduous tree. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati can help you achieve a whole different look during the cooler months by altering the placement of a particular fixture to jazz up a tree in its dormant winter state to really kick it up a notch and make it look fabulous in the cooler months when it isn’t sporting leaves. We can even change the color of a lens to play up the color and texture of the bark or just to add some holiday fun.

Performing routine maintenance to your outdoor lighting system extends the life and usability of it over the long term and protects your investment. It keeps everything looking crisp and defined and makes your home look beautiful over the years. It’s better to address issues early rather than wait for a bigger problem. Our Annual Maintenance Plan gives you the best value for the buck, but you shouldn’t ignore calling us for a tune-up even if you don’t have one.

Contact us to learn more about our outdoor lighting annual maintenance plans today. You can reach us at (513) 496-1130 to schedule your outdoor lighting system fall tune-up!