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For Outdoor Lighting Done Right in Seven Oaks, SC, Call in the Professionals

Of all the chores that come up around your Seven Oaks, SC, home, installing outdoor lighting is one of those you definitely want to hire a professional to handle. For each big chore you face the same question: Will you do it yourself or hire someone? Sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience. Other times, you definitely need to rely on the professional expertise of a company that’s been doing that one thing for years—and only that one thing. These professionals are known as specialists.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting at your Home

Are you on the fence about outdoor lighting? Have you driven around at night and noticed homes that look like they belong on magazine covers? Those homes have professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting on display. Your home can look that beautiful, too. Outdoor lighting, done right, is incredibly beautiful and serves several valuable purposes:

  • Enhances the beauty of your home every night
  • Creates nighttime curb appeal
  • Greets guests with a cheery welcome
  • Makes your walkways, paths and steps safer at night
  • Turns your yard and gardens into a wonderland
  • Adds hours to the time you can enjoy your deck, patio and pool
  • Increases your own enjoyment of your yard’s special features such as landscaping, water features, outdoor art and fire features

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The Benefits of Professionally-Designed-and-Installed Outdoor Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, we understand if you don’t mind hard work and you take pride in a job well done. It’s nice to stand back and admire your own work. Nevertheless, some jobs are best left to professionals, and outdoor lighting is one of those. While there are several benefits of hiring professionals to design and install your outdoor lighting, we’ll list just a few:

We have years of training and experience with outdoor lighting.

Experience means a lot when you want the job done efficiently and effectively. We know the ins and outs, the tricks of the trade. We’ve encountered every situation there is. You have peace of mind knowing we are not “learning on the job.” When new technology enters the marketplace, we are up-to-speed right away so our customers can benefit from new developments in the outdoor lighting industry.

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We have a feel for the artistic side of lighting design.

Yes, we don’t mind saying this job is kind of artistic. Again, it comes with experience. The more you work with different lighting fixtures in different settings, the more you get a feel for what fixtures and what bulbs produce what special effects. There is a lot more to lighting design than simply purchasing a few fixtures and planting them in the ground pointed at your shrubbery and trees. If you took two houses and had outdoor lighting installed professionally at one home and done by an amateur at the other, do you think people could tell the difference? Yes. Yes, they could. The difference would be very noticeable.

We have access to the best quality outdoor lighting fixtures and equipment.

Most of the outdoor lighting fixtures you can find at the hardware store or home improvement stores are not professional grade. The fixtures we use are copper and brass and are the highest quality made. We use almost 50 different fixtures, each one designed for a specific task. If you’re tempted to purchase fixtures made of plastic or powder-coated aluminum, don’t waste your money on those. And solar fixtures, those lights that soak up the sun’s rays during the day and emit light at night? Again, a waste of money. They are not very effective and don’t last very long.

We offer warranties and an annual maintenance plan.

We include 12 months of maintenance with each new lighting installation, so your outdoor lighting will always look as good as the day it was first installed. After that first 12 months, our annual maintenance plan is reasonably priced. We offer warranties on your transformer, fixtures, LED bulbs and electronics, Lighting Control Automation and digital timers. Where else can you get warranties like that?

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How to Select an Outdoor Lighting Installer in Seven Oaks, SC

Before you hire a company to design and install your outdoor lighting, ask them these questions:

  1. How long have you been in the outdoor lighting business? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been illuminating homes and businesses in the greater Columbia area for over 10 years.
  2. Does your company focus full-time on outdoor lighting, or is it a side job for you? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, outdoor lighting is all we do.
  3. Do you provide a full range of services including lighting design, installation and maintenance? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia provides all of that and more. We even service lighting that was installed by other companies.
  4. What kind of fixtures do you use, and do you provide warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia uses the highest-quality brass and copper fixtures, and we offer warranties on your transformer, fixtures, LED bulbs and electronics, Lighting Control Automation and digital timers. Where else can you get warranties like that?
  5. Will you provide a free nighttime lighting demonstration at my home? That’s right! If you’re not entirely sure you want to invest in outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia will visit your home and set up a free demonstration after dusk. We are confident you will be thrilled with the way our outdoor lighting design enhances the beauty of your home and your landscape.

We are also confident that if you ask any other company these questions, you will select Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia as your outdoor lighting installer in Seven Oaks, SC.

If you’re searching for a reliable, professional outdoor lighting installer in Seven Oaks, SC, then call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!