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In a Friendly Competition of Beautiful Outdoor Lighting, Would Your Irmo, SC, Home Win?

What if there was a friendly competition among neighbors for outdoor lighting and showing off your Irmo, SC, homes at night? Would it be house vs. house and yard vs. yard, or neighborhood vs. neighborhood? How big would the stakes be? Bragging rights!

“Outdoor Lighting” is a pretty broad category, so we had better narrow it down to some more manageable sub-categories for this friendly competition.

How about these:

  1. Best Irmo SC Exterior Lighting
  2. Best Irmo SC Nighttime Curb Appeal
  3. Best Irmo SC Landscape Lighting – Front Yard
  4. Best Irmo SC Landscape Lighting – Back Yard
  5. Best Irmo SC Pathway Lighting
  6. Best Irmo SC Pool Lighting
  7. Best Irmo SC Patio Lighting and Deck Lighting
  8. Best Irmo SC First Prize All-Around Lighting
  9. Best Irmo SC Halloween Lighting
  10. Best Irmo SC Christmas Lighting

Exterior House Lighting

How Will You Compete for Best Outdoor Lighting in Irmo SC?

The first thing to do if you want to have a chance is call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia to set your appointment for an outdoor lighting design consultation. One of our professional lighting designers will meet with you at your home. We like to start by discussing your goals for outdoor lighting at your Irmo, SC, home.

If you’re entering a neighborhood outdoor lighting contest, whether it is hypothetical or real, be sure to tell us about that. We are big fans of outdoor lighting contests year round, not just during the holidays! We will do anything in our power to give you a great chance of winning! If you are competing against some of our other lighting clients in the Irmo, SC, area, we give you all an equal chance of taking home the prize.

Exterior House Lighting

Exterior Lighting is a huge category. It refers to architectural lighting where strategically placed fixtures highlight the most beautiful, interesting and unique features of your home’s architectural façade. The exterior beauty of any Irmo SC home will be enhanced dramatically with exterior lighting. Whether the front of your home has an interesting gabled roofline, a textured stone front, columns, a vaulted entry or arched windows, exterior lighting will show off your home tastefully.

Nighttime Curb Appeal is an interesting category because it combines two elements: exterior lighting of your home’s façade and landscape lighting in the front yard. After dark one night, stand beside the street in front of your home and face your home so you can get a good look at it. What do you see? When you take in the total impression of your home’s exterior and the landscaping you can see from the street, is your home a winner—or is there work to be done?

Landscape Lighting – Front Yard— How well you’ll do in this category depends on what kind of features you have in your front yard. If you have a dramatic tree with a full canopy or interesting trunk, we can illuminate that to make it look like the most special tree on earth. Any trees, flowers or shrubs will stand out with a bit of landscape lighting, but we don’t want to overdo it. A little bit of landscape lighting goes a long way!

Exterior House Lighting

Landscape Lighting – Back Yardis an interesting category because most of the special features in the back yard are only seen by the family and invited guests. Unless … your home is on a tour! Regardless of who will see your back yard, make it beautiful at night by adding subtle illumination to your favorite outdoor elements. Those could be as simple as a prize rose bush. Do you have a fountain or some other type of water feature? An outdoor fireplace?

Pathway Lighting is sometimes overlooked but always essential. The primary purpose of pathway lighting, besides giving definition to the layout of your paths and walkways, is to increase safety. Sometimes we call it safe passage, the assurance that your guests and family members can walk safely because any tripping hazards are clearly illuminated.

Pool Lighting can be quite magical. If you have a pool, you already know how the water reflects light in strange and wonderful ways. Add some landscape lighting around your pool and even some color-changing LED lights in the pool and you are set.

Patio Lighting and Deck Lighting are essential and you don’t need to enter a contest to take advantage of lighting around your outdoor living spaces. Lighting around decks and patios creates an ambiance you can’t get any other way and increases safety, especially on deck stairs. The most effective patio lighting is usually landscape lighting focused on plants around the patio. The most effective deck lighting may be on the stair risers and the deck railings and posts. All of these lights are directed down onto the ground or deck and patio surfaces so they don’t create light pollution in the area. Then … we highly recommend string party lighting around a deck or patio. There is nothing more festive. We can set that up on a separate switch for you so you can use it selectively; however, many of our clients find they like using it every night. You, too, can make every night a special occasion with festive string lighting at your home.

Exterior House Lighting

First Prize All-Around Lighting— This category could be called “Best in Show.” It is the most coveted prize.

Halloween Lighting is not just for kids any more. Does your neighborhood have a contest featuring outdoor Halloween décor? Some spooky lighting will make your yard a contender.

Christmas Lighting and all holiday lighting—this is our favorite time of year! Were you aware that you can hire a professional outdoor lighting company to hang or install your exterior holiday lights? We love doing it! Call early to schedule your appointment because we do get busy ahead of the holidays!

As you can see from these exciting categories featuring outdoor lighting in Irmo SC, there are quite a few ways lighting can enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. Why wait for a contest?

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced outdoor lighting company in Irmo SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!