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To Make Your Property Stand Out in Dentsville, SC, Add Outdoor Lighting and Stir

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has a special recipe for making your Dentsville home or business stand out, and the main ingredient is outdoor lighting. Professional outdoor lighting can take many forms, so we’ll just touch on the basics here, also known as … the highlights.

Dentsville Map

With I-20, I-77, US 1 and Hwy 277 all passing through the Dentsville area, the term crossroads comes to mind. Dentsville is also at the crossroads of yesterday, today and tomorrow. With so much activity competing for attention in Dentsville SC, outdoor lighting is a great way to show off the best features of your property.

Residential Outdoor Lighting in Dentsville SC

Outdoor lighting can do so much to enhance your home it’s hard to know where to start. The process of trying to select and install outdoor lighting yourself may be overwhelming, which means it’s time to call in the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. What you may not know is the outdoor lighting you can buy in a home improvement store is not the greatest quality. This is really a task you need to call us for. We use high-quality lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED bulbs that won’t send your electricity bills through the roof.

Residential outdoor lighting includes architectural lighting and landscape lighting. Have you noticed how beautiful homes can look when they feature a variety of outdoor lighting techniques? When compared to a home with professional architectural lighting, for example, a home with a simple porch light or a light at the end of the driveway just fades in comparison.

Exterior House Lighting

Architectural lighting is a way to show off your home’s façade, the textures and features such as columns that make it unique. These lights double as security lighting because they erase dark areas around your home, leaving would-be intruders with nowhere to hide. If you have security cameras outside your home, architectural lighting can help illuminate whatever your cameras are looking at.

Landscape lighting is what a lot of people think of when they hear the term outdoor lighting. Of course, landscape lighting will enhance the beauty of any landscaping in your yard, so it takes a professional eye to know what elements of your landscape can be illuminated most effectively. That’s where we come in. We will talk with you about what you’d like to see lighted in your yard at night. If you want to see the effects before we actually install the lighting, we can provide you with a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home.

Path lighting is a form of landscape lighting we can use to make the walkways around your home safer. Pathway lighting distributes a subtle but effective amount of light along a driveway or path to help your family and guests find their way safely. If you have any stepping stones in your yard, we definitely want to use some path lighting there.

Lighting for outdoor living is not always mentioned but it’s always appreciated by homeowners who like the extra time to enjoy the deck and patio at night. If you enjoy a good cookout but don’t want to rush the food to finish cooking before dark, ask us about deck lighting and patio lighting. Do you have a fire pit in your yard? Outdoor lighting around the fire pit will draw your guests over to it every time. While installing lights around a place where you’re going to light a fire may sound counter-intuitive, it’s actually quite beautiful.

Exterior House Lighting

Nighttime curb appeal is another reason Dentsville residents like outdoor lighting. If you’re proud of the way your home looks and want to show it off, why let it fade into the shadows at night?

Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Dentsville SC

Outdoor lighting in Dentsville SC is not just for residential properties. If you own a business in Dentsville, you are at the crossroads of several major commercial streets. It’s hard to get noticed out there sometimes. Why not use every advantage you can? Nighttime curb appeal is important for businesses as well!

If your Dentsville SC business is not illuminated at night, start paying attention to those that are. As with residential properties, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can use architectural lighting and landscape lighting to enhance the attractive features of your establishment. Even if your business is not open after dark, it doesn’t hurt to present an attractive, attention-getting appearance to those passing by at night. How else will they notice you and remember where you’re located? If your business is open after dark, can you afford to be the one that’s not noticeable?

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced outdoor lighting company in Dentsville, SC, call us today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!