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From Pine Trees to Magnolias, Azaleas to Roses, SEE Your Landscape at Night

Landscape lighting in Elgin, SC, brings your beautiful trees and flowers to life after dark

Whether your landscape features tall, stately pines or a mixture of other trees, shrubs and gardens, let landscape lighting enhance your home from front yard to back. In the front, we call it nighttime curb appeal. In the back, we just call it “how to enjoy your outdoor living spaces after dark.”

Taking Your Landscape from Dark and Dull to Warm and Glowing

When you add landscape lighting to your Elgin, SC, yard, your landscape will not go from dull to dazzling because dazzling is way too bright. When Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia brings landscape lighting to your home, dazzling is not the effect we are striving for. Stunning, yes. Amazing, yes. Beautiful, warm and welcoming—yes. All of these will describe your yard after we design and install outdoor lighting specifically to show off your most beautiful trees and other focal points around your home.

The effect of landscape lighting is to draw the eye of anyone passing by. Not only will your friends and neighbors admire your yard when it is awash with the gentle glow of landscape lighting, but so will your neighbors’ friends. You may start a trend in your neighborhood because, trust us, when they see landscape lighting at your home, they will want it at theirs.

Exterior House Lighting

Landscape Lighting Creates a Cascade of Beauty in Front of Your Home

With darkness everywhere else, the subtle and pleasing light enhancing your front yard will create nighttime curb appeal. Everyone talks about curb appeal as though your house can only be seen in daylight. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, we see no reason why you must let your front yard go dark at night! So many people have only a porch light or two in the front of their home. They miss so many opportunities to create an impression!

When you set up a lighting consultation, our professional outdoor lighting designer will meet with you to point out the places in your yard where landscape lighting would be most beneficial. We use several different lighting techniques and different types of lighting fixtures to achieve professional results. In the front yard, we look at your landscape from the point of view of someone passing by, if your home is visible from the street. If your home is set farther back, we will design a lighting installation to greet your guests as they enter your driveway and proceed toward the house. Landscape lighting also increases safety, not just for guests but for your family, too.

Exterior House Lighting

Landscape Lighting Increases Your Enjoyment of Outdoor Living Spaces

Where is your deck, patio or pool? In the back yard, right? Where do you and your friends and family spend the most time at outdoors at your home? In the back yard! Whether it’s a cookout for 20 or just five or six friends gathered around the fire pit, landscape lighting will improve everything about your back yard. That’s right, everything. Safety? Yes. Ambiance? Yes. Romance? Of course!

Do you like to eat dinner out on the deck or patio? You don’t need to rely on a few flickering candles if you want to see your food—and see the faces of the people with whom you’re dining. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia lighting designer will add subtle lighting to trees and shrubs around your deck or patio to benefit you whether you’re dining or playing horseshoes after dark. Ask us about our moonlighting technique, which casts a gentle glow down through your trees and onto the ground below. You can have moonlight at your home every night, all year long, regardless of cloud cover in the sky.

Path Lighting, the Workhorse of Landscape Lighting

While outdoor lighting can be absolutely breathtaking, it has a practical application as well. Safely lighting your walkways, stepping stones and steps to the house ensures greater safety for everyone. Will guests arriving at your home follow a specific path to the door? Are the steps to your house well-illuminated for safety at night? Path lighting along your driveway—or any path or walkway on your property—will go a long way to increasing safety at your home. Landscape lighting in Elgin, SC, is most effective when combining beauty with safety.

Path Lighting

Landscape lighting may seem like something you can install yourself, but like anything else, the job is best done by professionals who are trained and experienced. We are professional outdoor lighting designers and technicians. We know the tricks of the trade and will put them to work at your home. No one setting up an outdoor lighting installation without the proper training—not to mention experience—will achieve anything close to the stunning effects our designers will bring to your home.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced landscape lighting company in Elgin, SC, call us today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!