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Your Lexington, SC, Home Deserves The Beauty Of Landscape Lighting, Too

When you think of landscape lighting in Lexington, SC, what comes to mind? Are you under the impression that only huge estates with formal gardens covering many acres have landscape lighting?

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia shift your perspective regarding landscape lighting in your area by giving you an assignment. For the next week, try to become keenly aware of landscape lighting wherever you go after dark. You’ll see its effects at commercial establishments if you’re driving at night, but what we especially want you to notice is landscape lighting in residential areas. Whether it’s in your neighborhood or any other, when you see landscape lighting, what catches your eye? Do you find it appealing? Do you wish your yard was illuminated that beautifully?

Landscape Lighting

These photos give you some idea of how you can recognize landscape lighting. If you don’t currently have this beautiful lighting installed at your home, then consider a picture of your home as the “Before” photo. Perhaps you have a light at your front door, or even one on each side of the entry. That’s usually the extent of lighting seen at homes without professional landscape lighting. It’s not that your home isn’t beautiful; it is. But who can see that at night?

The photos with this article are examples of the “After” photos. After landscape lighting has been installed, your most beautiful trees will be gently illuminated, your walkways will be visible at night and your outdoor living areas will be more enjoyable after dark. Your home will become more welcoming to your guests, and you will also feel better arriving home after dark to a cheerfully-illuminated home.

Path Lighting

What is landscape lighting in Lexington, SC?

We do want to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing when we refer to “landscape lighting.” It’s a phrase you’re seeing over and over in this article, but what do we mean by it?

What Landscape Lighting Is

  • Landscape lighting is designed by professional outdoor lighting designers.
  • Landscape lighting is installed by professional outdoor lighting technicians and designers.
  • Landscape lighting is used in the front yard primarily for curb appeal and to welcome guests.
  • Landscape lighting is used in the back yard around your deck, patio or pool areas for the personal enjoyment of the family and your guests.
  • Landscape lighting is a way to make your walkways and stairs safer—including the stairs to your deck.
  • Landscape lighting reveals the beauty of your home so it no longer disappears in shadows after sunset.

What Landscape Lighting Isn’t

  • Landscape lighting isn’t what you get when you purchase outdoor lights and install them in your yard (unless you are a professional outdoor lighting designer).
  • Landscape lighting isn’t what you get when your landscaper installs outdoor lights in your yard for you.
  • Landscape lighting isn’t just for people who live on huge estates.
  • Landscape lighting isn’t bright or glaring.
  • Landscape lighting isn’t an outrageous drain on your electricity bill because today’s LED lighting is so energy efficient you’ll hardly notice the expense.

Note: If you already have professional landscape lighting installed at your home, we salute you because you are very wise.

Special Lakeside Uses of Landscape Lighting in Lexington, SC

If you have a home on Lake Murray, or any other lake, you are eligible for a special type of landscape lighting: dock lighting. That’s right. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia call on you at your lake house to show you how dock lighting can make trips to down to the dock and back to the house safer. This is especially important if you have children or grandchildren because you know how they sometimes dash about without looking where they’re going. At dusk or dark, this can be quite dangerous around a dock or along a rocky path to the house. Not only will landscape lighting enhance the beauty of your lake home, it will make potential tripping hazards visible and increase your family’s safety at night.

Lexington Map

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