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With Festive, Patio String Lighting, You'll Always Find Another Reason to Celebrate!

Funny thing about those festive, patio string lights Columbia homeowners put up for a big outdoor party or special event … they don’t want to take them down afterwards!

The good news is that if you use the high-quality, weather-proof string lighting that we use at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, you can leave them up year-round!

There’s no need to consider your patio string lights temporary if they’re professionally installed. Some cheap, do-it-yourself party lights come with instructions not to leave them up for more than 90 days. What fun is that?

String Lighting

When you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia to install your festive party lights, you get beautiful, nostalgic lighting installed with safety in mind. Then, you get the fringe benefit of keeping your festive lights in place for as long as you want them.

With string lights around your patio, deck, outdoor fireplace or fire pit, every night can be a celebration. The effects of these fun lights really will make you feel festive even on ordinary nights. If ever you needed an excuse to invite friends over to wine, dine and party, let your permanent string lights be the excuse you were looking for. If you’re feeling a little more mellow, have your patio lights on a dimmer so you can control the ambiance.

Between national holidays, birthdays, graduation parties and cookouts, you won’t run out of special occasions. Having festive, patio string lighting already installed means you’re prepared to host the celebratory event at a moment’s notice.

We Are Your Festive, Patio String Lighting Installer in Columbia, SC

Why should you hire a professional outdoor lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to install your party lights instead of hanging them yourself? We can think of several reasons:

Couple Dancing

• If you’re preparing for an outdoor wedding or other big event, you have plenty to do without having to climb ladders and hang lights. Leave that job to the professionals so you can take care of details only you can handle.
• With our experience installing outdoor lights, we take a thoughtful approach to planning where and how to hang your festive, patio string lighting. In addition to providing illumination, these lights also serve to define the party space. We know how to do that most effectively.
• We will design a lighting pattern to fit your specific space. Two examples are outlining the area with lights and arranging them in a fan pattern stretching out from a central point. Another is stringing the lights in rows back and forth across the event space.

Patio String Lighting

• What if your event space doesn’t have anything to attach the lights to at one end of the string? We have a plan for that! We can install these lights anywhere, even if it means we need to add a pole or two. Whatever it takes!
• Not only can our high-quality light fixtures stay up year-round, they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Each light socket is covered by a rubber top that protects the electrical connection.
• Our professional installation includes stringing the lights along a guide wire to make sure the lights stay where we put them. Nobody likes it when string lighting sags or dips!
• We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to setting up your festive outdoor lighting! We measure your space during our design consultation and return with strings of light just the right lengths.

Commercial Establishments, Pay Attention Here!

The professional-grade string lights we install are perfect for commercial use, too. If you operate a bar, café or restaurant with outdoor seating and you don’t have string lighting outdoors, you are missing a proven crowd-pleaser. Even stringing these festive lights over a waiting area is an opportunity to turn a tedious, boring wait for a table into a fun experience. These lights can improve the mood in any setting and increase traffic at your establishment. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is your festive, patio string lighting installer in Columbia, SC.

OLP Columbia is the premier installer of festive, string patio lighting in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding areas. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia at (803) 274-6115 for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!