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Want the Best Columbia Patio Lighting? Trust Only a Professional, Full-Time Outdoor Lighting Company!

Is your Columbia SC patio as inviting, calming and restorative after dark as it could possibly be? If not, perhaps you don’t have the right outdoor lighting for your patio. We can help with that! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been installing all kinds of outdoor lighting in and around the Columbia area for more than ten years, and we have the glowing customer reviews to show for it.

As the weather cools, you stop hiding from the heat and humidity and look forward to spending those pleasant fall evenings on the patio again. If you don’t have patio lighting, or if you’re not completely satisfied with it, give us a call! We will come and meet with you at your home for a free design consultation.

How We Design Patio Lighting Specifically for Your Columbia Patio

When our professional outdoor lighting designer meets with you at your home, we’ll ask enough questions to understand your goals for your lighting there. You can have more than one lighting goal! They can even seem contradictory. For example, let’s say most evenings you want a calm and peaceful patio where you can sit back with a glass of wine or iced tea and unwind after a long day. But you know that occasionally you’ll entertain guests outdoors and you’ll want more of a lively ambiance for the patio.

Did you know we can create both of those scenarios for you? It’s true, we can! We have the ability to set up subtle, indirect lighting that gently washes over your patio as your cares drift away and also install string party lighting for festive occasions. We can set up two different switches so you can turn on one or the other … or both! (Many of our clients find they use the string party lighting more than they expected to. It’s fun!)

This is why you want a professional outdoor lighting company handling your patio lighting. Not everyone will know how to implement a complex plan like this.

Deck Lighting

Every home is unique, every patio is different and every outdoor lighting plan we create is custom designed for that one home. Let’s say you have an outdoor kitchen on your patio and sometimes you want task lighting turned on there, but not always. Done.

After we meet with you to understand what you want from your patio lighting, we’ll design a lighting plan for you with high-quality LED fixtures. LED lighting is extremely energy efficient!

If you want to try it before you buy it, we can set up a free nighttime lighting demonstration for you. We’ll come to your home before dusk and set up a temporary display with the kinds of lighting we’ve designed for you. We’ll get it all set up and then, once darkness starts to set in, we’ll turn on the lights and watch your reaction. This is our favorite part of the process. We love to see the reaction, because outdoor lighting can truly be transformative. This is often the point where prospective clients become clients.

Deck Lighting

Distinguishing Between Patio Lighting, Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting

While these terms can be used interchangeably, it can get confusing. Patio lighting is specifically designed for your patio and the area around it. Its purpose is to enhance your enjoyment of your patio and increase the amount of time you’ll use your patio since darkness will no longer drive you indoors.

All patio lighting is outdoor lighting, but not all outdoor lighting is patio lighting. Some patio lighting also falls into the category of landscape lighting. When we use the existing landscaping around your patio to create the desired lighting effects, that’s the intersection of patio lighting and landscape lighting.

One magical style of landscape lighting around a patio is called moonlighting. To create this effect, we install lights high in a tree with branches that overhang the patio. The lights filter down through the leaves of the tree and mimic the effects of a full moon. If you have a tall tree in the right proximity to your patio, you’ll be able to experience a full moon every night of the year.

Backyard Lighting

Selecting Your Outdoor Patio Lighting Installer in Columbia SC

When you’re choosing a company to install your patio lighting, we recommend several things you want to keep in mind. First, you should definitely hire a professional outdoor lighting company such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. You may find someone else who says they can do it more cheaply, or you may be tempted to try it yourself. But our observation from other clients who’ve tried that is they’ve been disappointed with their results.

Yes, you can purchase outdoor lighting in the home improvement stores and hardware stores. These fixtures are usually not as good quality as the professional-grade fixtures we use. Then, there is the matter of installation. Our outdoor lighting installation technicians go through specific training for this type of work, and they accumulate experience on the job, too. Each customer benefits from that experience. You cannot match that level of expertise if you do it yourself or hire someone who does not install outdoor lighting full-time. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, outdoor lighting is all we do.

You also want to be sure your Columbia patio lighting is installed by a company that provides a full range of outdoor lighting services. In addition to LED lighting design and installation, we offer lighting maintenance throughout the year. Should your lighting need attention, we are very responsive and take care of any issue quickly. LED lighting lasts a great deal longer than previous outdoor lighting technologies, so you won’t need to call us frequently. But if you need us, we’re there. Your lighting maintenance plan for the first year is included with your lighting installation. After that, we offer a very reasonable annual maintenance plan.

Finally, the best outdoor patio lighting installer in Columbia SC will provide warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures. You will not find another lighting company with better warranties than those provided by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia.

When we design and install your Columbia-area patio lighting, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it, and you’ll never be satisfied with a dark or dim patio again.

Bring your patio to life after dark and extend its usability! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia at (803) 274-6115 for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!