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When Safety is Important – And When is it Not? – Have Pathway Lighting Installed at Your Lexington SC Home

Whether you call it a walkway, path or pathway, if you have a path at your home that people follow to get from Point A to Point B, you need pathway lighting. It really is that straightforward. Whether your path is curvy or straight, up a set of stairs or around a corner, how well is it illuminated at night? If you forget to turn your porch light on, is that path from your driveway to your front steps immersed in total darkness? Is that safe?

While pathway lighting can create beautiful lighting effects around your driveway and your walkways, the true purpose is safety. Who do you have coming to your home … friends, neighbors, relatives, elderly folks and colleagues from work? How would you feel if any of them tripped and fell at your home because your pathway did not receive enough light after dark?

Path Lighting

Economize With LED Pathway Lighting

If you haven’t had outdoor lighting installed at your home yet, you may feel it’s going to increase your electricity bill too much. Without pitting your visitors’ safety against your monthly home expenses, let us put you at ease by assuring you LED pathway lighting will not increase your monthly light bill much at all. LED lighting is up to 80% more energy efficient than previous outdoor lighting technologies. If you’ve had outdoor lighting in the past, you are going to be amazed at the monthly cost savings you’ll see with LED.

Path Lighting

Pathway Lighting Can Be Part of a Larger Outdoor Lighting Plan

Most of our customers who have path lighting installed have it included as part of an overall outdoor lighting plan including exterior home lighting and landscape lighting. Technically, pathway lighting is a form of landscape lighting because when we install light fixtures near your walkways, we often tuck them under nearby shrubs or plants low to the ground. The lighting effects can be beautiful. So with path lighting, homeowners achieve two benefits at once: beautiful illumination at key points in their yard and increased safety for visitors.

Path Lighting

Don’t You Love These Little Lights?

Most of our pathway light fixtures are low to the ground, obviously, and they have a cap at the top almost like a little hat. Why the cap? It directs all of the light down toward the ground where it is needed. Pathway lighting is very functional that way. At the same time, the cap prevents light pollution.

When you want to light a path, there’s no need to shine light up to the sky, and you don’t need your pathway or driveway to look like an airport runway. Some cities around the country have ordinances prohibiting light pollution, especially out west where a little bit of light can disrupt nocturnal habitats. Here in Lexington, SC, we may not be thinking so much about nocturnal animals but there’s still no need to waste good light.

Choosing the Right Pathway Lighting Installer in Lexington SC

Do you know a good pathway lighting installer in Lexington SC? If you’re reading this, then you do now! We are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, and we have been installing outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and pathway lighting in the Lexington, SC, area for more than 10 years. If you would like to speak with our clients to get some referrals, just give us a call. Or, save yourself a phone call and look at the reviews on our website. Just scroll down to the bottom portion of our Home page for dozens of reviews from satisfied clients over the years.

Bring added curb appeal and safety after dark to your Lexington SC pathways and walkways! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia at (803) 274-6115 for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!