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Let Holiday Lighting Put You in the Mood for Landscape Lighting All Year Long

One way we express our love for the Christmas holidays in Lexington, SC, is through beautiful and festive holiday outdoor light displays – but what about the rest of the year? Ho, Ho, Ho! We’re not suggesting homeowners leave their Christmas lights on display all year long. But think about this: At the same time we’re using beautiful lights to display our feelings about the holidays, we’re also showing love for our homes.

Your home doesn’t disappear when you turn those Christmas lights on. Instead, the glow from your outdoor holiday lights also makes your home and yard more festive and welcoming. This winter, when you take your holiday lights down and store them away, don’t let your Lexington, SC, home go dark! Make an appointment with a professional outdoor lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia to design and install an outdoor lighting display you can enjoy all year long!

Landscape Lighting

Year-round LED Outdoor Lighting Shows off Your Home for the Other 11 Months

That’s right! You don’t need to limit your outdoor lighting to the month of December (or November, December and January if you like to stretch it out). Lexington exterior lighting and landscape lighting can show off your home in every season. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your home. You’ve worked hard to keep your yard looking attractive all year long. Why let it disappear into darkness at night?

Year-round landscape lighting lends a cheerful glow to your property, welcoming your guests and making your pathways safer at night. In the past you might have been right thinking outdoor lights could blow up your monthly electric bill, but LED outdoor lights have been a game-changer in that respect. LED lights are extremely energy efficient. They use about 80% less electricity than halogen and incandescent lighting.

In addition to being energy-efficient, LED lights are more durable, so there is less chance you’ll have to call us to come back and replace LED bulbs. What’s more, LED lights have a warm, pleasing color, and they have a longer bulb life than previous types of outdoor lighting. LED outdoor lights have single-handedly made landscape lighting more affordable than ever before.

Landscape Lighting

LED and Low-Voltage Lighting Go Together Like Santa and the Elves

Does the phrase low-voltage lighting have you picturing little arcs of light zinging around your yard, perhaps low to the ground? Sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t see the actual current dancing around your landscape. It’s in the wires! Low-voltage lighting is an industry term that is now becoming familiar to homeowners, and it’s especially significant when we talk about outdoor lighting. The electrical current running through our homes in the U.S. is 120 volts, while the current needed to light LED bulbs is 12 volts. That’s a huge difference. When your landscape lighting installers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives set up your LED outdoor lights, we use a small transformer to convert the voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts. This isn’t something the homeowner needs to be concerned about. Your lighting installers will make sure you have the correct voltage for your landscape lighting.

If we could give you a homework assignment this holiday season, it would be this: Notice the way your outdoor Christmas lights cast a warm, welcoming glow on your landscaping and your home. Whether your holiday lighting is a mixture of colors or exclusively uses white bulbs, it does more than display holiday greetings. It welcomes friends and neighbors to your home and gives your yard some much-needed nighttime curb appeal. Once you take note of this, you may find your yard looks especially drab and dark when it’s time for the holiday lights to come down. We have the solution! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia to dress up your yard for the rest of the year.

An exciting thing about year-round landscape lighting is that it’s not limited to your front yard. While holiday lights are primarily put on display in the front yard for the enjoyment of neighbors as well as your own family, landscape lighting is fantastic in the back yard, too. Once you have landscape lighting installed around your Lexington SC deck, patio or pool, you’ll find you use those areas much more after dark than you ever have before.

The Best Low-voltage Landscape Lighting in Lexington SC

If you want to shop around, you may, but Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the company you want to design and install your LED low-voltage landscape lighting in Lexington, SC. We are local. All of our professional lighting designers and installers have specialized training and are highly experienced. We won’t use excessive or glaring lights around your yard. We are skilled at designing beautiful landscape lighting to show off your home tastefully. Our outdoor lighting designers are talented artists working with light as their art form.

We custom design a unique landscape lighting plan for each of our clients. Your home and property are unique, so your landscape lighting will be, too. To make sure you love your lighting design before you make a commitment, we offer a free nighttime demonstration at your home. After we meet with you and learn your goals for your landscape lighting, we will design a lighting plan for you. Then we’ll come back before dusk and set up a temporary lighting display – at no charge! – to show you what your landscape lighting will look like. When darkness falls, we’ll turn your lights on. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it!

Low-voltage landscape lighting will bring your Lexington home to life at night! We offer all customers a 100% free design consultation! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!