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Is There Still Time To Have Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting Professionally Installed? Yes!

If you haven’t set up your outdoor holiday lighting yet, it’s probably for one of two reasons:

  1. You don’t believe Christmas decorations should go up until after Thanksgiving, and now that Thanksgiving has passed, you just haven’t had time. Or, maybe you prefer to wait until December.
  2. You’ve been planning to tackle this chore for weeks, and you’re still putting it off … for as long as you can. Even though you love holiday lights, you dread the thought of doing the work it takes to set them up outdoors.

Either way, give us a call. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or another winter holiday, we can install festive outdoor lighting for you. Leave your ladders in the garage! Leave the work to us! If you’ve handled this annual project by yourself for years, you may not realize what a relief it will be to hand it off to someone else.

House with Christmas Lights

Don’t Lose Out By Waiting Too Long to Call Us! Our Installation Schedule Will Fill Up Soon!

Our holiday lighting schedule is filling up quickly, so don’t wait so long you miss the chance to have us handle your lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is equipped and ready to take that project off your hands. We have beautiful, tasteful outdoor holiday lights, and we can have your yard illuminated with the holiday spirit in no time.

The only catch is that you must call and get on our calendar before we are completely booked for holiday lighting installations in the Columbia area!

Once you have had your outdoor holiday lighting professionally designed and installed, you will never want to go back to doing it yourself. You’ll probably be asking yourself, why did I wait so long?! And here’s a bonus you might not know about: Not only will Outdoor Lighting Perspectives return after the holidays and take those seasonal lights down, we will store them for you. Yes, we will! (You’re welcome!)

House with Christmas Lights

You Will Love Your New Outdoor Holiday Lighting Display – And So Will Your Neighbors!

We promise that you will love the lighting design Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia will create for your yard. Your lighting is probably due to be refreshed anyway! How many years have you been hanging the same light display? Your friends and neighbors will be glad when you have a fresh holiday outdoor lighting design to show off! They are tired of looking at your same outdoor holiday lighting display every year!

Our professional outdoor lighting designer will meet with you at your home and talk about what you have in mind for your holiday display. Lots of wreaths, tastefully illuminated? Wrapping trees with light in your front yard? Installing a row of lights along your roofline? All of these effects are beautiful, and we will be sure to design a display that reflects your tastes.

Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting Installer in Columbia SC Can Become Your Year-Round Outdoor Lighting Installer, Too

It’s true! If you love the magical feeling that outdoor holiday lighting provides, you don’t need to let your home and yard go from beautifully festive to dull and dismal after the holidays! You can keep a welcoming glow at your home all year long by having Outdoor Lighting Perspectives design and install permanent landscape lighting for your Columbia property.

Many of our ongoing year-round landscape lighting customers started out as holiday lighting customers. It’s an easy transition because we have already established a relationship. Our lighting designer will come back to your home to talk about what kind of landscape lighting you want for your property.

  • Professional landscape lighting in the front yard will give your home the nighttime curb appeal that you had with holiday lighting.
  • Landscape lighting in the back yard will make your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable after dark.
  • Lights along pathways and the driveway will increase safety outdoors for your family and guests.

Having Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia design and install your outdoor holiday lighting could be considered a trial run for permanent landscape lighting. We predict you’ll fall in love with the holiday lighting we design for your home and won’t want to give up that magical nighttime transformation when holidays are over!

Make sure your home stands out from the rest all year long, not just for the holidays with professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor holiday and landscape lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!