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Let Landscape Lighting Replace Holiday Lighting at Your Lexington SC Home When January Rolls Around

When the holidays are over, what are you going to do for illumination in your yard? If you don’t have year-round landscape lighting installed at your home yet, removing your outdoor holiday lights will throw your home back into darkness each evening.

Aren’t you enjoying the warm, inviting illumination on display throughout Lexington SC neighborhoods during the holiday season? Do you have outdoor holiday lights at your house, or are you simply enjoying the lighting displays provided by friends and neighbors?

Pathway Lighting

Either way, there is no need for your home to recede into darkness after the holidays each night once the sun goes down. We recommend landscape lighting, professionally designed and installed, to give your home that warm, welcoming glow all year long.

Once you have landscape lighting installed at your home, then after the holidays all you will need to do is flip the switch to turn those permanent lights back on. It will be so easy!

Lexington SC Homeowners Appreciate the Beauty of Landscape Lighting

Residential landscape lighting is magical any time of year in Lexington, SC. It transforms a dark, dull yard into a delight for the eyes. We implement several different kinds of landscape lighting using several kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures and more than a few lighting techniques. Our professional landscape lighting designer will talk with you about what your goals are for landscape lighting so we can select the perfect fixtures and techniques to illuminate your property each evening. We create a custom lighting plan for each client’s home.

Pathway Lighting

We love seeing our clients’ faces when we turn on their landscape lighting for the first time. Wow! They are usually awestruck. So it’s not an exclamation, “WOW!” No, it’s a soft and reverent, drawn out, “wow…..” Just wow.

How would you like to use landscape lighting at your home? Do you have some beautiful, ornamental trees we can illuminate as focus trees? Do you have gardens where we can illuminate your colorful azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas or roses when they bloom? Rest assured we will not shine glaring spotlights on your plantings. We use subtle lighting that creates a stunning effect without overpowering. Ideally your eye will be drawn to the effects created by landscape lighting rather than the fixtures themselves.

Landscape Lighting

Don’t Overlook the Practical Side of Landscape Lighting in Lexington SC

As your professional landscape lighting company in Lexington SC, we notice most of our clients think landscape lighting is all about the beauty of illumination in the front yard. While the front yard does get most of the glory, landscape lighting can be as practical as it is beautiful. We especially recommend pathway lighting as well as illumination designed specifically for your outdoor living areas.

Pathway lighting ensures safe passage for family and guests as you navigate a path or walkway. Pathway lighting is also used to make driveways easy to see. It just makes sense to be sure everyone can see their way from the car to the house or from the back steps out to the garden.

Landscape lighting for your outdoor living areas will amaze you. It’s astonishing how much more use you will get out of your deck, patio or pool in the evenings with lighting designed specifically for those areas. With our mild climate here in Lexington, we can use these spots for outdoor recreation, relaxation or entertainment almost year-round.

Looking for Great Landscape Lighting Installers in Lexington SC? You Have Found Us!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the only company you need to call. Yes, we’re biased, so read the dozens of customer reviews at the bottom of our website’s Home page to see why so many homeowners choose to work with us. Then give us a call! We will also provide references if you want to talk with some of our customers.

We offer a free design consultation as well as a no-obligation nighttime demonstration at your home. With this demonstration, we install a temporary display so you can see how our design for your lighting will look. We set it up before dusk and turn the lights on when the sun sets. How many other landscape lighting installers in Lexington SC will do that for you?

We also use the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures, and we offer the best warranties in the industry. We use energy-efficient LED lights so your monthly electric bill will not be outrageous.

Make sure your home stands out from the rest all year long by way of elegant illumination created by professional landscape lighting in Lexington, SC. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!