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You Don’t Need to be a Licensed Electrician to Appreciate the Beauty and Savings of Columbia, SC, Low-voltage LED Outdoor Lighting

How much do you know about low-voltage outdoor lighting – and how much do you NEED to know? It’s actually all around us these days, but many Columbia, SC, homeowners aren’t familiar with the term or think it’s very technical and mysterious. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia take the mystery out of low-voltage outdoor lighting for you.

Pathway Lighting

You may be aware that standard electrical current in US homes is 110 volts. What you might not know is that LED lighting – specifically, the outdoor lighting technology used most frequently now – uses only 12 volts. That’s quite a difference!

When you think about the 110 volts running through your home’s electrical wiring, and the 12-volt LED bulbs used for outdoor lighting, there’s a disconnect. You could visualize this situation by picturing your home’s electrical wiring as a hose. Think of the 110 volts as water pressure. Now you can understand why you don’t want to power 12-volt lights with 110 volts of electrical current. It would be too much.

No Worries for Homeowners: Transformers Convert High Voltage to Low Voltage

Your low-voltage outdoor lighting set-up includes a piece of equipment called a transformer, which converts 110-volt household current to 12 volts. If you have a complex system with a lot of lights and long stretches of wire, you may need one of the larger transformers. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that. Your professional Columbia, SC, outdoor lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia will determine the appropriate transformer size for your home’s outdoor lighting.

Low-voltage LED Outdoor Lighting is the Way to go Today

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia recommends low-voltage LED lights for outdoor lighting.

  • LEDs produce a warm, pleasing color – which was not always the case. In the not-too-distant past, LED bulbs did not produce the high-quality results we see today. Until LED technology improved, outdoor lighting professionals were still using halogen lighting. Finally, LED technology has improved enough that we don’t hesitate to use and recommend LED lighting.
  • LED outdoor lighting is durable and has a longer bulb life than older lighting technologies.
  • Low-voltage LED outdoor lighting uses up to 80% less energy than previous outdoor lighting technologies. Your monthly utility bills will be much lower than if you used halogen or incandescent outdoor lighting. The lower electric bills – and resulting energy savings – are truly your biggest reasons to use LED for your outdoor lighting.

The Best Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting Installer in Columbia, SC

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the company you want to have design and install your low-voltage LED outdoor lighting in the entire Columbia area. Not only are we local, but our professional lighting designers and installers are highly experienced and well trained. We are experts at designing the most beautiful landscape lighting to show off your Columbia, Lexington or Blythewood SC home most effectively.

For the most beautiful low-voltage outdoor lighting in Columbia, SC, you need to call the best low-voltage outdoor lighting installer in Columbia, SC. That company is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. It really is that simple.

To understand how respected our professional lighting designers and installers are, be sure to read our customer reviews. You can find our reviews by scrolling down to the bottom of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia home page.

If you’re searching for a professional, low-voltage outdoor lighting installer in Columbia, SC, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia - we look forward to hearing from you soon!