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Outdoor Pool Lighting in Wilmington, DE

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Eagar to go for a night swim? Adding a touch of elegance and security to your outdoor pool is easier than ever with our outdoor pool lighting services at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley. Our lighting technicians are skilled at creating designs that suit your unique needs and will strategically place LED lights so the overall beauty of your pool is enhanced. We do this by highlighting key surrounding areas, allowing for maximum visibility where you need it and ambiance where you want it.

You can't forget about safety! We can help to design pool lights that illuminate potential hazards that make swimming at night potentially hazardous. When you work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley, we offer a free consultation, top quality pool lighting fixtures, unbeatable maintenance plans, and more! We're the best outdoor pool lighting contractors in Wilmington! Learn more why!

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Add Pool Security

Not only does outdoor lighting add aesthetic value, but it also adds safety and extends the amount of time you can spend enjoying your pool and yard this summer. Evening doesn’t have mean ending your activities. The nights are warmer and more inviting with our outdoor lighting solutions. Adding pool lights can help you and your guests avoid pool-related accidents after sunset. Stay safe and consider outdoor pool lighting for your security today!

Swim Whenever You Want

Nighttime illumination also gives you the chance to go for a swim whenever you want. Going for a swim at night can be immensely refreshing and can save you from the Sun’s scorching heat. You deserve to dive in your pool anytime you want.

Our Efficient Pool-lighting Solutions

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We offer many options to light up your pool. You can either choose harsh lighting for functionality or soft lighting to create a glow around the pool. Installing energy efficient LED lights also gives you the option of multi-color displays of light for special occasions, holiday parties, and more. Set the mood with our computer-controlled LED pool lights. The right lighting makes the difference!


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley, we offer customized packages for our customers. We will work around your budget, update your existing lighting and outdated fixtures with our brighter and energy efficient bulbs, or create a whole new design to meet your needs.

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