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LED outdoor lighting designs

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LED outdoor lighting has become very popular across all genres of lighting for several reasons. But, until very recently, LED lights weren’t suitable in outdoor lighting applications. The stark white or blue color and directional capabilities were not desirable making the installations look substandard. Although plenty of older-technology LED lights are still sold today, new, technologically advanced LEDs from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley are available–and they solve all the performance and aesthetics issues of older model LED lighting.

Exterior House Lighting

Benefits of LED outdoor lighting

Our high-quality LED’s have a bulb life of 50,000 hours. Our patent-pending technology separates the electronics from the light source, reducing the heat the LED light source is subjected to, thereby extending its already long life.

One of the best reasons to choose our LED outdoor lighting fixtures is the cost savings and the environmental impact. LEDs are much more energy-efficient, saving you up to 80% on your energy costs and they leave a small carbon footprint on our environment.

Backyard Lighting

If you already own a halogen outdoor lighting system, don’t worry. We can retrofit your current system to LED. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley provides many solutions for retrofitting an existing low – voltage quartz halogen lighting system to LED. Retrofits vary based on the types of fixtures installed, their age and condition. Our professional team will evaluate your current system and provide options tailored to your needs, style and budget to confirm whether your existing system is a candidate for retrofit.

Step Lighting

We want to transform your outdoors in the best way possible. Some of our exquisite outdoor lighting options include:

  • Accent lighting to subtly show off your property’s best features
  • Architectural lighting to highlight your home’s unique beauty and increase curb appeal
  • Pool lighting to keep your nfvightly swims safe and promote poolside ambiance
  • Patio and deck lights to add excitement to your nighttime entertaining
  • Garden lighting to accentuate your stunning landscaping
  • Path lighting to guide your guests where they need to go

Pergola LightingWe aren’t just any outdoor lighting company. We are THE company to turn to for ALL your outdoor lighting needs. From architectural lighting to landscape lighting and more, we focus our services exclusively on outdoor lighting so you always get exactly what you’re looking for. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact us today to schedule an outdoor lighting evaluation of your existing residential or commercial property, or to learn more about placing your property in the best light with a new system!

If you are considering an LED upgrade for your outdoor lighting system. Or if you are considering converting your existing system to LED, we are here to help you every step of the way. We are the area’s premiere choice for outdoor lighting design and installation.

The truth is, upgrading or conversion is really much easier than you may think. In the hands our highly skilled technicians, you can be cutting energy costs in no time, and if you want to make additions to your system, we may even be able to add more fixtures to your current transformer than you thought. Since LEDs use less wattage, more lights can be added than if they were halogen.

Landscape Lighting

Common LED conversion and upgrade questions:


If considering a conversion or upgrade to your current system, on average, it will cost 3-4 times what our Annual Maintenance Program costs. We only recommend investing in LED if you plan to reside in your home 5 years or more. Much of the cost of moving ahead with an upgrade or conversion will be recouped through the energy savings, bulb replacement and maintenance costs you will have saved during that time. Also keep in mind the “green” benefits of converting to LED. It is hard to put a price tag on the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint because these choices help the environment and all of us in the long run.


Not necessarily. Most traditional outdoor lighting systems such as halogen and incandescent can easily be converted to LED. To determine if your system qualifies, one of our outdoor lighting professionals needs to inspect it and if it is deemed fit to undergo the conversion, you can start enjoying the many benefits of LED outdoor lighting. We can usually retro-fit about 95% of our lighting and we can retro-fit our competitors lighting in most cases following a thorough inspection.


The life of an LED bulb can be between 30,000 and 50,000 hours saving you in light replacement and maintenance. This is 10-15 times longer than the average bulb life, of 4,000 hours with halogen.


No. When we come to retrofit a system, our trained installers will be sure to check the condition of not only your fixtures, but also your wire, transformer and timer, leaving you with what feels like a brand new system.


Your total savings is dependent on the size of the system and time it is running. On average, a system of 25 lights or more that runs from dusk-dawn each day could save you an estimated $15-$20 per month in energy savings. Over the course of 3 – 5 years, this amount represents a substantial savings.

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