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Increase Safety with Outdoor Security Lighting

Path Lighting

A peaceful nighttime environment is one that is also safe and secure, allowing you to relax without worrying. While strong locks and an alarm system help secure the interior of your home, the exterior is where real safety and security begins. Residential lighting is an excellent way to keep the area around your home illuminated well enough that you can see where you’re going as you walk up your walkway or porch steps and to see if others are outside.

Increasing Safety for Yourself and Guests All Year Long

Tripping and falling as you make your way to your front door or through your backyard can be a major risk if your pathways, steps, or pools aren’t visible. Outdoor lighting, like overhead lights and inground lights, enable you to see where you’re going and whether there’s anything in your way.

Our lights also help cut through fog in inclement weather show you if there are patches of ice, snow, or mud on your walkway or deck. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley, we’ll add lighting that clearly shows your path and its edges. We strategically place safety lighting so there are no dark spots that could hide uneven pavement. Do you constantly fumble with your keys when you arrive home after dark? We can provide lighting around your doors and entryways that will help illuminate the situation.

Reducing Security Risks

Good outdoor illumination can be also be a deterrent for loiterers. Combined with savvy landscaping — for example, no tall shrubs or trees hiding your view from the door or windows — outdoor lighting can increase your home’s security. For optimal results, let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives add lighting on all sides of your home. Our experienced technicians will strategically place backyard and side lighting to significantly deter unexpected guests.

How do I leave my outdoor security lighting on?

There are a few different options for turning residential outdoor security lighting on and off ad your own discretion:

  • Timers- You can create a timed schedule for when you would like your security lighting turned on and off.
  • Motion Detectors - Many people opt to use motion detector security lighting so they never have to think about it turning on when needed.
  • Manual - You can completely control when to turn your outdoor security lighting on or off by simply flipping a switch, but this is a less popular option, as you have to always remember if you need to flip it.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley offers efficient, low-voltage lighting that is long-lasting. We have a variety of styles available, combining decorative and practical use. Give us a call to arrange for an evaluation of your property to find the best locations for increased safety and security.

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