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Colorado Outdoor Lighting

When some homeowners in the Colorado area think about outdoor lighting, they may only note line voltage lighting attached to their house (carriage lights, soffit lights, porch lights, flood lights, etc.). However, most homeowners today consider outdoor lighting to include all lighting outside of their homes – whether it be low voltage landscape lighting or line voltage architectural lighting.

The façade of this beautiful stone home in The Preserve in Greenwood Village (Arapahoe County, Colorado) is uplighted with our BB-03 well lights, and our BB-07 path lights providing lighting for the entrance sidewalk.

Architectural Lighting

One of the important things to consider with architectural lighting is that the eave line is uniformly illuminated along the front of the house so that the architectural features are tied together aesthetically. A warm even wash of light makes homes look beautiful. Take this house in Buell Mansion (Cherry Hills Village, CO) for example.

Architectural Lighting

Circular driveways can provide a dramatic entrance to a home, especially with the proper outdoor lighting. At this home in Cherry Hills Farm (Cherry Hills Village, CO), well lighting was used to uplight the brick columns, house and trees, and flood lights and path lights were used to light the beautiful flower gardens along the driveway.

Architectural Lighting

At this project in the Colorado Country Club near Parker, CO, we used our BB-03 well lights to illuminate the rustic stone façade of the house and our copper/brass BB-07F path/wall lights to illuminate the rock walls along the driveway.

Architectural Lighting

At Chardonnay Villas in Arapahoe County, CO, we installed low voltage halogen lighting for the community entrance as well as the residence immediately behind the entrance gate.

Architectural Lighting

Line voltage carriage lights can be retrofitted or replaced with low voltage carriage lights when necessary. At this home located on the 6th Avenue Parkway in Denver, CO, the homeowner’s line voltage wiring to the previous carriage lights had been cut. We recommended replacing the old line voltage fixtures with our copper/brass BB-14 low voltage carriage lights. These fixtures come with frosted hurricane globes that diffuse the light and prevent the obnoxious glare that is common with most carriage lights.

Exterior Home with Carriage Lights

One of our favorite architectural features to light is the chimney. Many local builders in the Colorado area take great pride in erecting beautiful and intricate stone or brick chimneys that become a focal point for the house. At this installation in Cherry Hills Village, CO, we installed one of our cast brass BB-14 low voltage LED fixtures to highlight this fantastic chimney.

Spot light for chimney

Lighting on chimney

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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