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Littleton Pool Deck and Water FeaturE Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor pool with low voltage lighting options from OLP!

Are you tired of having to exit your pool just because the sun went down? Pool lighting installation can help! Water features have become increasingly popular in the outdoor living industry as homeowners try to capture and replicate the soothing ambience of a rocky mountain waterfall in their own backyards. Pools also remain popular for Littleton area homeowners, and lighting these amenities as well as water features provide homeowners with year-round enjoyment. In addition to highlighting the water features in and around your pool, many water loving homeowners also enjoy the added safety benefits from pool lights. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado can help to transform your pool so you can make the most out of it in the summer months!

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Water and pool lighting in Colorado and the surrounding areas are necessary for safety and beauty reasons. Homeowners and their guests should be able to appreciate pools and water features at all times of day and night, without risking falling in!

This backyard water feature in Buell Mansion (Cherry Hills Village, CO) is a focal point with our low-voltage spot lights illuminating the waterfall, path lights illuminating the garden surrounding the water feature, and well lights uplighting the trees behind the water feature.

Waterfall lighting feature

This backyard pool in Cherry Hills Village, CO, is beautifully illuminated at night with our well lights providing uplighting on the house and trees, our path lights providing lighting for the pool deck, and deck lighting downlighting the columns flanking the pool.

Backyard pool lighting

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