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Colorado Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting in the Colorado and metro area has evolved greatly during the last 15 years. Low voltage halogen lighting systems began replacing the old line voltage landscape lighting systems, and today the low voltage LED systems are rapidly replacing the halogen systems.

Today, landscape lighting includes an all-encompassing lighting plan for each section of the property including illuminating the trees, gardens, water features, walkways, and even the architectural features of the house. Strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures will enhance your landscaping by highlighting the areas’ shapes, colors and textures.

In the back yard of this Denver Country Club home, this coordinated lighting plan has included uplighting the brick wall and trees by the outdoor patio area, and downlighting the walkway and flowers leading to the patio.

Patio Lighting

In this back yard in Cherry Hills Village, well lights illuminate the trees and path lights illuminate the steps to the practice putting green.

Lighted rock walls and trees

At this home in Ken-Caryl Ranch (Jefferson County, Colorado) well lights have been used to uplight the trees and house, and path lights were installed to light the walkway to the front door.

Architectural Landscape Lighting

One of the things that a good outdoor lighting designer in Colorado should do is to integrate the lighting effects so that the end result looks natural and aesthetically pleasing. We always like to use a combination of uplighting, path lighting, and flood lighting so that the landscaping is tied to the architectural features of the house, and vice-versa. At this installation in Conifer (Jefferson County, Colorado) the rock wall adjacent to the long driveway is illuminated by our copper/brass BB-07F (path/wall lights), and the house and trees are illuminated by our BB-03 well lights.

Home Driveway Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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