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Landscape Lighting in El Paso, TX

Versatile Landscape Lighting Solutions

If you’re looking for the best landscaping lighting in El Paso, look no further than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of El Paso. As an industry-leading landscape lighting company, we offer unparalleled quality and service to our clients, who range from residential homeowners to business owners.

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Residential & Commercial Landscape Lighting

We offer a variety of landscape lighting solutions to fit your needs. We can light an entire yard for bright and functional ends, or decoratively highlight specific features, such as trees or gardens. Our team will help you choose the best combination of products and lighting to suit your design goals.

We specialize in landscape lighting installation, including:

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Outdoor Lighting

Do you want more than just a pretty design? Are you looking for lights that serve a purpose? If you are looking for lights that add more than aesthetic value to your property, you’ve come to the right place. We won’t sacrifice function for beauty. We offer lighting solutions that increase safety and reduce energy costs while adding sparkle to your property. From adopting the latest LED technologies to upgrading our outdoor lighting systems to be programmable via digital apps, we are in the business of making landscape lighting more efficient.

There are many possibilities when it comes to your landscape lighting - call our El Paso lighting company today at (915) 975-7728 for more information.

There are many types of landscape lighting. We can install:

  • Overhead string lights – String lights are perfect for accenting patios and decks that need a light touch of light to set the mood. They are excellent for illuminating walkways, trees, and stairways.
  • Well lights – Well lights are typically installed on posts or trees around the perimeter of your property to generate an ambient glow that will make your landscape look like something out of a magazine.
  • Pathway lights – These lights illuminate pathways in gardens and lawns.
  • Floodlights – Floodlights illuminate large areas in your garden or lawn at night. They are perfect for special events like parties, weddings, etc. They can also help ward nighttime intruders.
  • Spotlights – Spotlights shine on and highlight specific objects in your garden or attributes of your architecture.
  • And much more!

Do you have more questions about our El Paso landscape lighting products and design options? Just give us a call at (915) 975-7728 for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions about landscape lighting

What are the benefits of landscape lighting?

Some benefits of landscape lighting include:

  • Design: Beautify your home and garden at night with landscape lighting! This way, you can enjoy the beauty of your property at any time. With thoughtful design and a variety of lighting products, we can help you achieve your vision for your home at night.
  • Entertainment: Landscape lighting adds another dimension to the enjoyment of your home by allowing more use of your yard or patio at night. Without the use of bulky, bright flood lights or extension cords, you can enjoy night time parties or just relaxation.
  • Safety: We occasionally need to go outside at night and having landscape lighting allows a better view of your path to avoid trips and falls.
  • Security: A well-lit exterior can deter intruders from coming to your property. If someone does come onto your property, outdoor lighting makes it a lot easier for cameras to capture them as well.

What are my landscape lighting options if I am concerned about my electricity bill?

If you are looking for energy efficient landscape lighting, look toward LED (light emitting diode) lighting. LED lighting had mostly been used in holiday lighting, but has recently become suitable for outdoor installations. You will see higher initial cost with LED lighting, but there are are several benefits including:

  • LEDs use a fourth of the energy of other low voltage lighting
  • The bulbs can last you up to 50,000 hours, resulting in lower maintenance costs,
  • The appealing light will show your property’s colors just as they are.
  • Brightness and directional abilities that make them a viable outdoor lighting option

Does landscape lighting require maintenance?

Maintenance for landscape lighting is required periodically. Common maintenance includes clearing debris around fixtures, wire repairs and replacement, and replacing lamps.

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