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Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Ft. Lauderdale

Discover the Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting!

commercial outside lights lighting up walkways at night

Striking commercial outdoor lighting can be exactly what your business needs to get an edge above the competition! Outdoor lighting designs can positively impact a commercial property in a myriad of ways. For one, outdoor and exterior lighting are extremely functional, providing much-needed visibility at night. Landscape lighting can be similarly helpful, guiding pedestrians along walkways so they don’t veer off the path and trip over unseen topiary. Many customers also seek out commercial outdoor lighting for decorative reasons.

The radiant, warm glow of string lights and the festive addition of our color-coded bulbs are two great ways to create an ambience that will transform your space for the better. As fellow local business owners, we understand the desire to budget and simultaneously have the most secure, attractive façade around. Many owners are now looking into custom commercial lighting to give them that edge, while also offering energy efficient outdoor lighting options that won't break the bank! OLP can help you, no matter what kind of lighting you're looking for!


Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Fort Lauderdale-Boca Raton, we proudly cater our commercial outdoor lighting services to a vast array of industries. With design experts who know how to work with many dimensions and visions, you can expect to see your dreams come to life. Some businesses come to us with specific demands and needs. Other businesses are flexible and open to suggestion. Whatever approach you prefer, we are here to serve your interests and collaborate accordingly. We also offer our expert commercial outdoor lighting in Deerfield and surrounding areas!

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Landscape and Outdoor Lighting for Every Location

With a comprehensive selection of fixtures and hardware to choose from, our outdoor lighting inventory can match every setting. Offering brass, copper, and specialty lighting options, our high-quality products have amplified the mood and safety of countless businesses, including:

  • Special events venues – From weddings to nightclubs to concert venues, improving the aesthetics of an event space can be as easy as installing charming outdoor lights.
  • Fine dining establishments – From fancy restaurants to cozy cafes to outdoor pubs, vibes are pivotal. Installing thoughtful string lighting can magnify your curb appeal and entice customers to stick around and write glowing reviews later. Our team has years of experience providing the best restaurant lighting design to help you create an attractive dining environment.
  • Short-term accommodations – Hotels and private bed and breakfast operations rely heavily on the attractive marketing benefits of being visually stunning. Commercial hospitality lighting can make all the difference.
  • Shopping venues – Many outlets, strip malls, food courts, and shopping arcades are increasingly outside and designed with outdoor pathways that require lighting after dark. Dark parking lots can also be a source of great consternation, especially for anyone with poor eyesight and/or a physical handicap. Make sure you do not put your customers in danger. Install prudent outdoor lighting arrangements to help them navigate around your commercial premises.
  • Recreational venues – From batting cages to mini golf courses, many businesses require sufficient outdoor lighting to stay open during the lucrative evening hours. Make the overall experience that much more memorable and seamless with practical and fun outdoor lighting solutions.

Why Choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Fort Lauderdale-Boca Raton for commercial exterior lights?

restaurant with commercial outdoor led lights in Fort Lauderdale

Regardless of what venue and business sector you serve, we offer the same benefits to every client. Our complimentary demonstrations allow you to consult with our design team as you visualize an exemplary prototype of the final product. Our installation techniques and durable lighting equipment ensure that our outdoor and landscape lighting endure normal weather conditions. Our trusted warranties back this fact with explicit guarantees.

Our yearly maintenance services can be booked by anyone. Finally, when we finish your commercial lighting installation, our dependable team will return at night to ensure everything is perfect. With trustworthy policies and versatile lighting options, it is no wonder that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Fort Lauderdale-Boca Raton is the envy of its industry.

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