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Custom Outdoor String


Why Choose Professional Design & Installation For Your Outdoor String Lighting?

We know you’ve seen aisles and aisles of string lights and market lights at your big box store of choice. We know you can hang some lights yourself, but we’d like to give you a few ideas of why you should choose the custom professional-grade lights we offer.

  1. Our lights are custom strung to the exact length you need.
  2. Our lights can withstand the weather and will last for years and years.
  3. Creative designs can be accomplished with our custom lights.
  4. Our installation is done with guide wires and expertise that will keep the design intact for years – no drooping.
  5. Lighting is all we do and it shows from design through installation and service.
  6. Our five-year warranty will allow these lights to pay for themselves. (The big box lights will certainly have to be completely replaced at least a few times in five years.)

Patio with string lightingUpgrade Your Patios, Decks, and
Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

For several years running, the hottest trend in outdoor lighting is LED outdoor string lighting. You may call it market lighting, bistro lighting, cafe lighting, globe lighting or festive lighting – but no matter what you call it, this trend is continuing to grow!

If you love to entertain outdoors, or your favorite place to relax in the evening is your deck or patio — then you need to consider Greenville outdoor string lighting to upgrade your space.


From patios to decks, even screened porches and under your majestic trees, adding outdoor string lighting to your favorite outdoor entertaining space is a great way to take your backyard entertaining to the next level!

Greenville has the perfect climate for year-round outdoor living and with our custom LED string lighting, you can enjoy a festive occasion, an evening of relaxation, or an impromptu dinner under the stars anytime you want! A perfect way to take advantage of the early sunsets during our mild winters.


So why is this lighting so dang popular?

Well, with a perfect mix of sophistication and nostalgia, the resulting effect is perfect for everyone. Whether your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, our permanent outdoor string lights will complement the design.


Do you host guests at your business? A restaurant with an outdoor patio? A hotel or bed & breakfast with outdoor recreational space? If so, you need to consider adding festive string lighting to wow your guests! These lights are perfect for any business that relies on creating a unique customer experience and repeat business.

    If you’re ready to up the ante at your home or business with custom LED outdoor string lights, give us a call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 523-0550

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