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Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your beautifully manicured Greenville area property at night fully. Our professionally designed and installed landscape lighting systems enhance the beauty and call attention to some of your property’s finest elements. Our top-quality copper and brass landscape lights are a perfect solution for path lighting, garden lighting, tree lighting and more. With our expert design and meticulous installation, an LED landscape lighting system will increase your outdoor enjoyment at night while providing added safety, by reducing the risks of falls, and increased security: more visibility is a natural deterrent to home robberies.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate all of your property’s favorite features with Greenville’s best landscape lighting company. We utilize landscape lighting for a myriad of beautiful lighting effects across your yard.

Path Lighting

Pathway with lighting

Greenville landscape lighting creates a welcoming guide to your home’s entrance at night. Greenville path lighting is one of the foundational pieces of any well-designed landscape lighting plan. One must be able to navigate after the sun sets safely. LED path lighting creates a gentle illumination to see your way around without harsh glare. Quality copper or brass path lights age beautifully over time, adding to the warmth and soft glow of your landscape design.

Garden Lighting

Garden and pathway with lighting

This rose garden’s well-ordered rows are softly illuminated with LED garden lights. Stroll through the paths with ease and admire the ambiance created by subtle lighting reflecting off leaves and blossoms. Escape into nature, right in your own backyard. Garden lighting is a perfect way to enjoy your hard-earned flowers, shrubbery, and garden accessories at night.

Tree Lighting

Tree lighting provides a strong foundation to a well-planned landscape lighting design. Trees are the anchors of your landscaping and deserve to maintain their majestic qualities at night. With perfectly placed uplighting, we’ll highlight the height of your tallest Oaks, the wide canopy of your Crepe Myrtles, and the gorgeous textures of your favorite Palm trees. When it comes to great landscape lighting, tree lighting sets the foundation for a magical nightscape.

Palm trees and water feature with lighting

Landscape lighting in Greenville can be so much more than you ever imagined possible. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville is your best choice of landscape lighting companies in the Upstate. Outdoor lighting is all we do. We have established the best standards of care for our clients’ property and stand behind our work with the best warranties and annual maintenance program.

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