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Patio Lighting

With increased accessibility to gorgeous pavers and stone, backyard patios are becoming more popular than ever for creating amazing outdoor living spaces. Perfect for everyday use, weekend entertaining, or special occasions, a patio adds value to your home and lifestyle. Don’t let the setting sun force you indoors earlier than you would like. Enjoy your backyard at night with Greenville patio lighting. Outdoor patio lights are the key to extending fun Carolina days into never-ending nights. We provide a custom design, meticulous installation, and reliable service to all of the Upstate area.

There are a variety of ways to illuminate a patio for nighttime use. We deploy a custom combination of hardscape lights, landscape lights, moonlighting (downlighting), market lighting, and uplighting to make sure you receive ample light for activities as well as the flexibility for ambiance when desired.

Outdoor patio lighting

Patio Lighting Techniques


Our gorgeous LED hardscape lights fit neatly under capstones, countertops, fire features, and within your landscape walls as needed. They provide a soft ambient glow for just the right amount of visibility. Hardscapes are a trending material for patio design, including outdoor kitchens and firepits, making it a vital component for patio lighting considerations.


A hot trend that happens to be a classic, market lights, globe lights, string lights, festive lights, whatever you call them, they make any outdoor space fun and a perfect over a patio of any type. Patio market lights are an enduring trend that works for every backyard. They are versatile, LED, and with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, you get a gorgeous look with custom wired LED lighting, professional design, and meticulous installation for year-round enjoyment. Our high-quality LED outdoor patio string lights can be left up all year.

Outdoor patio with festive lighting


Illuminating a large patio from above with moonlighting (also known as down lighting) provides a pleasant wash of light over the entire space. The location of the light within a nearby tree allows for the effect to feel like a full moon shining down on your patio.


Depending on the surrounding structures near your patio, uplighting can be used to illuminate items along the periphery. Trees, pool houses, gazebos, fences, and statues make a perfect focal point for patio uplighting.


Using a combination of path lights, downlights, and uplights, we will illuminate the shrubs, trees, flowers and surrounding vegetation and pathways to create an ambient perimeter around your patio space. Landscape lighting for patios is a favorite because it creates a relaxing vibe for an enjoyable evening.

Outdoor fire pit with lighting

Greenville Outdoor Patio Lights

Greenville patio lighting is more than technique and fixtures. It is about creating a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor lifestyle that will allow you to make use of your favorite outdoor space day or night. It’s about creating beauty, magic, ambiance, and joy for a life well-lived and well-loved. At home. Whether you choose patio market lights, landscape lighting or otherwise, the most important thing is enhancing your time outdoors.

If you’re ready to enhance your hardscape with patio lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today at (864) 523-0550. We look forward to working with you.

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