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Safety & Security with Greenville Outdoor Lighting

Like a big brother keeping you safe, Greenville Outdoor Lighting has a practical side that you won’t soon forget. While the beauty and lifestyle you gain with outdoor lighting is unavoidably the main point, there are some important practical implications of a proper outdoor lighting design. Safety with outdoor lighting means avoiding tripping hazards and illuminating your home just right for safe navigation. Security is gained with proper lighting technique to scare off would-be intruders, effectively limiting hiding spots around your property.

How Safety Lighting is Achieved

We have two main focuses in creating safety with outdoor lighting. Your entryway needs to be illuminated properly for safe access in any weather. Darkness is washed away with gentle entry lighting, but more importantly fog, rain and snow can prove to be an additional obstacle. Entry lighting will ensure you can get into your home safely no matter what the weather.

Secondly, your paths need to be illuminated. From the driveway to the entrance or around the sides of your home, seeing your footsteps is essential to avoiding falls and injuries. Should there be an icy patch, a stray toy left out or a tree branch fallen, you’ll see it right away and be able to avoid an accident.

How Security Lighting is Achieved

An illuminated home makes a terrible target for burglary. Burglars are not looking for a fight. They are looking for an unoccupied home that is dark enough to slip in and out of undetected. To lower your risk for intrusion we illuminate your home’s entry points for full visibility. Windows and doors that are lit up are difficult to get through unnoticed, most burglars won’t even try. Secondly, when you are not home, no passerby will know. Lights give the illusion of occupation that is just right. Lastly, by creating points of light in areas that are historically dark and good for hiding, means your entire property will be secure. Whether that is strategically placed focal lights along the wood line out back or a perfectly placed moonlight around the dark side of your home, no one will have a hiding spot for sneaking up on your home undetected.

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