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How Much Money Will I Save with Greenville LED Outdoor Lighting?

LED outdoor lighting is the most sought after outdoor lighting product on the market. Recent years of technological improvement have created a new found love for the energy-efficient lights. With gorgeous color and low energy use, LED outdoor lighting has come to the forefront of outdoor lighting design. Whether you’re installing a new outdoor lighting system or upgrading a current system, the question everyone wants an answer to is how much savings on their monthly electrical bill they can expect from choosing LED outdoor lighting. So we’ve outlined the nitty gritty with real actual numbers for you below.

Energy Savings

We can’t talk about your cost savings without giving context with the energy savings that leads the way. We like to use an example of retrofitting a current Halogen outdoor lighting system to give you some actual real life numbers to compare. An average 15 light Halogen system fires up at a whopping 450 Watts. For a comparable lighting effect with a 15 light LED outdoor lighting system you’ll use 75 Watts. That adds up to 83% less energy use!

Cost Savings

Your electrical company charges you by the KWH (kilowatt-hour). One KWH is equal to using 1,000 Watts an hour. Doing a bit of math based on how many hours you run your outdoor lighting system in a year, you can easily calculate the savings of running an LED outdoor lighting system instead. But to make it easy, we’ve thrown a few numbers together to show you the difference:

The average cost of a KWH right now is about $.1091. In a year it will take 1,314 KWH to run the Halogen system and 219 KWH per year to run the LED outdoor lighting system for 8 hours per night, 365 days per year. Within those parameters you will spend $143.36 to run the Halogen system for the year & only $23.89 to run the LED system for the year.

Table of Halogen and LED costs
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