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Fall Lawn Care for Your Best Greenville Landscape!

Keeping your yard looking beautiful requires attention to several different elements. While landscape lighting beautifies your lawn and landscape at night, it can only go so far if the health of your landscape is waning. To help our favorite clients enjoy a beautiful lawn next year, we wanted to remind you of the most important things you can do now (in the autumn) to improve the health of your lawn all next season.

Lawn Tricks for A Gorgeous Spring Lawn

Kill the Weeds!
Before you do anything else, tackle your weed problem. Fall and winter won’t kill them off. In fact, they will gain momentum and come back worse in the spring. Use a liquid weed killer made for lawns and get those weeds gone before aerating, seeding, and other important fall lawn maintenance listed below.

Mow Shorter
Mow your lawn a little shorter in the fall than you did all summer. To avoid brown over-saturated grass during cold and wet seasons, you want your roots to get a little more exposure to the sun. But never mow shorter than 2 inches for most grass types.

Hand holding grass seedsKeep Your Lawn Sprinklers Running
Don’t think that cooler fall weather and more frequent rain is enough to keep your lawn healthy. Until the lawn goes dormant from cold weather or regular heavy rain has become the norm, keep the water on as usual.

Clean-Up Fall Debris and Leaves
Don’t leave leaves! Any leaves that fall or other debris from fall storms needs to be cleaned up. It will damage your lawn if it is left all winter.

Your lawns roots need oxygen. By aerating your lawn you allow it to grow a stronger root system.

Overseed or Reseed
If your lawn is thin or has some bare spots, fall is the time to seed it. After aerating, seed your lawn and then make sure it gets plenty of water to germinate those seeds so they get a healthy start during the less stressful cooler fall months.

Mid to late fall is time to use a winterizing fertilizer on your lawn to encourage more root growth.

It can be a challenge to grow good grass in Greenville’s hot dry summers! Make sure you get the most out of the fall cool-down by tackling the important lawn care items above. It will pay off in spades come spring!

And with that beautiful lawn being the envy of the neighborhood, rub it in a little more with some gorgeous LED landscape lighting by your pals over here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville. There is nothing like illuminating a gorgeous, lush, green lawn! Call today for a design consultation. (864) 523-0550