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Subtle Security Done Right with Custom Greenville Outdoor Lighting

Do you find yourself peering out the back window, looking at a pitch black yard at night, wondering, “could someone be out there and I wouldn’t even know?”

Curious thoughts as they may be, they are completely normal. It is human nature to wonder what might be there that we cannot see. You may feel 100% safe in your city and neighborhood, but still, find yourself wondering once in a while. You do have a few options for adding security to your home and property at night. You could invest in a full home security system, then extend your investment to the yard with motion sensor floodlights and cameras to catch any unwanted activity.

The plus side to this plan: you’ll always know when anyone (or anything) is moving around on your property.

The downside to this plan: your neighbors will also know when anyone (or anything) is moving around on your property. You’ll be awakened by a brilliant flood light, at night when a squirrel runs by, or a strong breeze sends a small branch flying. And your yard will still be dark for most hours of the night.

Beautiful Outdoor Security Lighting

Creating a gorgeous outdoor lighting scene can be for one main purpose while still accomplishing multiple goals. While for most of our clients, the added security provided by their gorgeous outdoor lighting is like the cherry on top, we do have clients who are looking for subtle and beautiful security lighting that is highly effective.

As it turns out, whether your goal is security or your goal is beauty — with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, you will get both!

How Outdoor Accent Lighting Adds Security to Your Property

When it comes to preventing nighttime theft and trespassing, lighting is the oldest trick in the book. But, it used to be done with blind-yourself-and-your-neighbors’ flood lights that would startle everyone on the block whenever a rodent runs across the sensor. While that can certainly be effective, there is a much better way that is #1 more aesthetically pleasing and #2 less alarming to neighbors, potential homebuyers, and visitors.

With a strategically designed and installed Greenville outdoor lighting system, you can enjoy subtle, beautiful, outdoor lighting that just so happens to deter unwanted guests at night. With some combination of the following, combined with your other outdoor living requirements, we will give you the peace-of-mind you want and need.

Perimeter Lighting
Keeping your entire property illuminated with gentle accent lighting is key to creating a secure home. Starting with the outer edges of your property, we can illuminate fences, tree lines, and shrubbery to provide a visible cue for your sense of well being and to stop trespassers from entering. Being seen is not ideal for the average trouble-maker and the lighting around the edges of your property is sure to keep most intruders out.

path lighting Illuminating Dark Areas
Most homes have a few areas on the property that are extra dark. Whether it is an alleyway, the heavily wooded side of a home, or the area where you keep your trash bins, we will provide gorgeous lighting to banish the darkness forever.

Entrance Illumination
You may think of path lighting and porch lighting to keep your home’s entrance well-lit, but intruders are looking at other ways to get in your home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create gorgeous exterior home lighting designs that create subtle illumination near every point of entry. Windows, side doors, back doors and more can provide a less visible entrance into your home – but with our lighting designs, every entrance can be seen at night.

Custom Landscape Lighting
Every home and property we illuminate is unique. We won’t apply a one-size-fits-all lighting system on your home. We’ll come to your house, assess your goals and view your home. The resulting design will have taken into consideration particularly risky areas of your property. Maybe your city home has a back alleyway. Or maybe your country home has a public area on the other side of the woods behind your house. No matter what your property and home’s features are, we’ll make sure the lighting creates security at every turn.

If security is your concern, but subtle beauty is your preference, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today for a FREE design demonstration. (864) 523-0550