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Big, Small and In-Between, We Create Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems to Meet your Exact Needs

You don’t have to have a palatial estate to enjoy a custom outdoor lighting system for your home. And you don’t have to make your home visible from space to enjoy a gorgeous nighttime scene. We’ll illuminate your home and property with exactly the right amount of lights to achieve the results you want, no more, no less.

Greenville Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems

While we can add landscape lighting, deck lighting, patio lighting, hardscape lighting and more to create your custom outdoor lighting system, we will only use the lighting that is necessary for you to achieve the results you want.

In the case of this stunning new home in Greenville, less is more.

Take a close look at the home’s charm. A combination of some very detailed elements allows this home to stick out from the crowd. Our goal was simply to highlight these features at night, so they could speak for themselves. With just uplighting, we were able to create the amazing scene below.

Greenville Stone Façade Lighting

Note the wall wash lighting that is illuminating the texture of the stone façade. Stone is a popular feature on homes in Greenville and we have a variety of lighting techniques to subtly show it off at night.

This home features lovely custom architecture around the windows and doors. The arch is not something you see on many newly built homes today – so we had to make sure to highlight the feature with proper outdoor lighting.

This home features a very unique roof pitch. Two staggered roof lines with steep pitches make for a grand entrance to this lovely home. With the right focal lighting, we were able to simultaneously illuminate the height of the roof pitch along with the texture of the stone façade.

What are the unique charms of your home? With the best Greenville custom outdoor lighting team – your home’s extraordinary features can shine as much at night as they do during the day.