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Enhance the Function of Your Favorite Outdoor Living Space with Greenville Pergola Lighting

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Pergola Lighting for your Backyard

Pergola Lighting string lightsOutfitting outdoor living spaces with lighting for nighttime use is a must. If you’ve already added comfort features such as sofas, tables, rugs, a pergola (or other shade structure), a fire pit, and maybe even a patio heater, now you just need outdoor lighting.

That shade structure you added, your pergola or porch roof, is a perfect canvas for adding outdoor lighting. But what pergola lighting is available, and what type should you use? Find out what our expert lighting technicians recommend for your pergola lighting by reading further.

Greenville Pergola Lighting Ideas

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, all our outdoor lighting systems are custom designed to meet the client’s exact functional and aesthetic requirements. There are many options for pergola lighting fixtures and techniques. Check out our favorites:

Overhead Outdoor String Lighting

pergola lightingEasily a fan-favorite, LED string lights are a perfect fixture for your pergola. Whether you call them bistro, café, globe lights, or festive lights, these lights exude fun. Our expert lighting team can install with a classic straight row design, a fan effect, or a crisscross pattern. No matter how you’d like them, you can trust our team to complete a professional design resulting in a magazine-ready installation.

Pergola Task Lighting

Pergolas are perfect for defining outdoor spaces. As such, if you’ve positioned your pergola over an outdoor kitchen, you might perfect focused task lighting. Whether you choose spotlights or specialized pendants, our team will help you get the desired amount of light for the task at hand. We can also put these lights on a separate switch from another more ambient lighting technique for versatility in setting the right mood.

pergola column lights in greenvilleUp Lighting

Any vertical structure offers our team a fantastic opportunity to show off the height. With column lighting shining up each pergola post, you can enjoy ambient lighting good for every night of the week. As the light gets up to the craftsmen rafters and brackets, it will spread a little further for a beautiful effect. Your pergola rafters are a key design element – and they should be highlighted at night. Every night.

Free Nighttime Demonstration and Design Consultation

Do you love your pergola? Well, it is time to enjoy it after sunset too! Call our team today to schedule your at-home, complimentary nighttime design demonstration. We are sure pergola lighting will make you love your pergola even more!