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Jacksonville LED Outdoor Lighting Technology

In the recent past, almost all landscape lighting was done with halogen bulbs. These bulbs, while low-voltage, used a lot of energy and property owners suffered from high electrical bills. Also, the bulb life of halogen bulb was quite short compared to LED light technology. We had many people come to us and ask, can you deliver Jacksonville landscape lighting that requires less maintenance, reduce my carbon footprint and help save us money? You asked, we listened. Working with our research and development team, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can now offer the newest and best in our Jacksonville outdoor lighting with our exclusive LED outdoor lighting technology.

LED Outdoor Lighting Can Last Over 15 Years

LED outdoor lighting is coupled with several tremendous benefits for every homeowner. First and foremost, you will save money with LED lighting. Many of our clients report savings of up to 80% in their monthly electric bill. Not only will you save money by using less electricity, but you will also save money with the average LED outdoor light bulbs lasting around 50,000 hours. If you consider an average of 9 hours of use per day, then a single LED light can last over 15 years. Less maintenance, less electricity, more money in your pocket. LED outdoor lighting technology is far superior to traditional halogen bulbs.

Doesn’t LED Outdoor Lighting Produce a Harsh White Light … NO!

Well lit front of house Saving money is great, however, we know that you want spectacular looking landscape lighting as well. Our LED outdoor lighting technology has advanced miles since older LED lighting. Original systems produced a bright white or blueish light that simply was not very pleasant for many homeowners. Our new LED outdoor lighting has been refined and can now produce a warm, pleasing color that has a more natural look while highlighting your property.

Other LED outdoor lighting technology benefits include instant-on technology with no flicker. When you use your smartphone app to turn on your Jacksonville landscape lighting system or you are using a timer when you want your lights to turn on when you “flip the switch.” Our LED lights deliver the light when you ask for it. Also, with our hot Florida summers, our lights have no problems consistently working in the heat.

Call us at (904) 342-6040 to speak with a lighting specialist about the many benefits of LED outdoor lighting in Jacksonville and how we can save you money from day one. We look forward to hearing from you!

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