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The Secret to a Beautiful Property Includes Path Lighting

Pathway lightingAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, we specialize in bringing you incredible outdoor lighting to your home or business. Our team of professional landscape lighting designers will showcase your trees, the unique features of your home and the recreational areas of your property. But… the real secret to taking your property to the next level includes pathway lights. Our Jacksonville path lighting designs will light the night while keeping your walkways and pathways safer while elevating the look of your property with our premium handcrafted brass and copper outdoor lighting fixtures.

Versatile Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives all began with the idea of using a single, simple path light to help guide the way on walkways and illuminate garden beds. Since our humble beginning, we have taken the concept of one single light and created top-of-the-line path lights that are truly pieces of art. We have searched and created a path light that is made from handcrafted brass and copper that only becomes more beautiful as it ages. We then married our timeless look with LED outdoor lighting technology to give you beauty and high function.

Why Brass and Copper Path Lighting Fixtures?

Our goal is more than giving you energy-efficient outdoor lighting in Jacksonville. We aim to create lighting masterpieces on the canvas of your lawn. In order to do that, a simple plastic or metal path light housings simply would not suffice. Besides, plastic becomes brittle before breaking and metal will start to look dull after a short time. Often outdoor lighting is made from aluminum that is powder coated and looks great at first, however, after time the powder coating will start to flake off. Our brass and copper outdoor path lighting look amazing from day one and only becomes more beautiful as the brass or copper patinas over time. Remember, every light we install comes with a lifetime warranty. Elevate the look of your property with landscape path lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville.


What areas do you use most at night when you are outdoors at your property? Simple, your sidewalks. Increase the safety of your family and guests while increasing the value of your land with path lights at your Jacksonville home or business. Proper pathway lights will help people navigate the elevation changes such as steps, illuminate entry and exits and provide added security in previously dark areas.

Between the beauty and cost-effective lighting with heightened safety, the choice is a no-brainer, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville. Give us a call at (904) 342-6040 to learn about our many options for your Jacksonville path lights.

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