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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville’s Free Nighttime Demonstration

Seeing is believing! We encourage you to take advantage of our no-obligation, free nighttime demonstration at your home or business. We will work within your goals and budget to create a design that is custom-tailored for your unique space. Outdoor lighting is the best method of making your home stand out from the others on your block and it creates a warm welcome from the curbside once the sun sets.

Architecture and landscape lighting

Patio lighting

A true outdoor lighting professional knows that lighting is just one component of the desired overall package. As important as the lighting fixtures themselves is the design, placement and overall effect the lighting has on the surrounding areas. Our professionals will develop a one-of-a-kind outdoor design that accentuates the best focal points of your home, business and landscape. It’s truly a joy to shine light on our beautifully diverse Florida homes and nature.

Front of house and landscape lighting

Palm trees lit up

As Jacksonville’s premier outdoor lighting company, you can count on us to bring your home or business to life after dark. Additionally, we can provide superior walkway lighting and elegant illumination for any outdoor spaces. These additions not only accentuate your space but increase value and safety for your guests.

With a nighttime demonstration, you can see the difference outdoor lighting can make. Call today at (904) 441-5987 to schedule your free demonstration.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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