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North Florida Dock Lighting Installation Permits Easy Night Cruising & Enhances Waterfront Entertainment

Live the dock life with Jacksonville’s best dock lighting design and installation team.

Life on the water can be a dream come true. After all, “The sound of water is worth more than all the poets’ words.” – Octavio Paz.

If your home and property are situated on the St. Johns River or the Intercoastal Waterway, featuring a dock – take advantage of the opportunity. Add dock lighting for easy night cruises. Add dock lighting for a place to relax at the end of a long day. Add dock lighting to create a waterfront entertainment space. No matter how you most like to enjoy your dock, adding professionally installed dock lighting is essential for taking those activities past sunset.

Dock  lighting

Dreamy Dock Lighting

Dock lighting is beautiful, especially as it dances across the rippling water below. But it doesn’t have to be ONLY about fun. If you're looking to add safety, security, and function to your dock at night, lighting is a simple solution. Our team will work closely with you to customize the right dock lighting to meet your needs. We have LED solutions, from our favorite Savannah deck lights to low-voltage floodlights. Dock lights help guide you in from the water after a night cruise, and lead you to your boat after sunset. Call today.

Jacksonville Dock Lighting

Brilliant Boathouse Lighting

Your Intercoastal Waterway or St. Johns River boathouse does not have to be a scene from The Amityville Horror after sunset. It should remain the happy, waterfront place you adore during the daytime. With the addition of LED boathouse lighting, you can feel safe and secure in your boathouse at night. You can even make use of the time to clean or perform maintenance and repairs on your boat. With the addition of boathouse lighting, nighttime becomes productive for boaters again.

River Dock Lighting

Bistro Lights for Nighttime Fun on the Dock

Does your dock feature an outdoor living space? Whether you’ve installed an outdoor kitchen and a second level party pad, or you enjoy a simple lounging area at the end of your dock – the addition of the right dock lights can transform it. With life being as busy as it is, it is often the case that the best time to enjoy outdoor recreation and entertainment is after dark. Many of our clients love festive string lights and bistro lights over their dock’s living area. A few comfy chairs and a dining table are converted into a magical, and fun atmosphere for any occasion with the best quality LED lights, custom-strung, and professionally installed by the pros at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, we are pleased to offer one-of-a-kind dock lighting design and installation for all of Northeast Florida, including Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Johns, St. Augustine, Mandarin, Fruit Cove, Riverside, Allendale, Jacksonville Beach, and more. Call our team today to schedule your design consultation to take the first step of transforming your dock for better nighttime use.