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Jacksonville Palm Tree Lighting Adds Charming Dimension to your Nighttime Landscape

What is the best way to light my palm trees?

tree lightingPalm trees in Jacksonville and St. Johns are a prime target for focal landscape lighting. They scream tropical paradise during the day and should never go unnoticed just because the sun has set for the night.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, our palm tree lighting is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With over 2,500 species of palm trees, every palm tree deserves careful consideration for its best nighttime illumination. While 12 of these 2,500 species are native to Florida, through the global marketplace, many more can be found in the elegant gardens of Florida homeowners. Our design team is ready to make each and every palm the star of their landscape. With a wide array of tree lighting techniques, the subtle beauty of each tree will be on full display after sunset.

Palm Tree Lighting for Every Palm Tree

Palm trees vary widely in height, frond shape and color, trunk type, fruit, flowers, and distinct growth characteristics. When the landscape lighting designers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville design palm tree lighting, each tree is considered and illuminated based on its unique charms. Preview some of the ways in which we will approach the lighting of your beloved palm trees.

Mexican fan palm

If You’ve Got it, Flaunt It

Tall Palmetto trees deserve to have their grandeur emphasized at night. With a carefully planned lighting design, our experts will use their best techniques to shine light to the top of your tallest palm tree. When we illuminate the tallest trees on your property, your landscape stretches from the ground to the sky for a dynamic outcome. Whether you have a 60-foot Mexican Fan Palm, a 40-foot Sabal Palm, or a 30-foot Sylvester, our team is ready with the right palm tree light and technique.

palm tree lighting

Distinct Fronds Shine After Dark

The leaves at the top of a palm tree are called “fronds.” The distinct frond shape, color, size, and textures are a strong identifier of the different species. Whether your palm’s fronds have a classic fan shape and bright green coloring, or you have a distinct frond skirt of browning leaves, our team will make sure they are visible in the dark. We can reach to the broadest edge of your expansive Sylvester Palm canopy, illuminate the skyward reach of your Sago Palm leaves, or create brilliant dancing shadows under the drooping canopy of your Robellini.

palm tree lighting

Trunk Color, Texture, and Amusing Features

queen palm tree
Palm trunks vary from smooth to as bumpy as pineapple and everything in between. If your favorite feature on your Washingtonia Palm is the spikey frond stems just under the fronds, we’ll focus on those. The smooth gray fiber of your tallest Cabbage Palm can be the feature story of your new landscape lighting design. But, if the pineapple skin of your Pygmy Palm’s trunk is the anchor of your landscape, we’ll be sure the texture is clearly defined with just the right light and shadow. Shadowing, silhouetting, and washing palm tree trunks with the right lighting technique ads crucial depth to your landscape lighting design.

Wrap Your Palm in Lights

A holiday favorite has become a year-round tradition for many Jacksonville homeowners. If you’ve considered wrapping your palms in year-round lights, let our professional team handle it for you. We have access to the best lights that can hold up to the year-round exposure to the weather. We also have the installation skills to ensure your lights stay put for your enjoyment every night of the year.

From shrub size to taller than a house – Florida palm trees make outdoor living a true paradise. If you’re ready to illuminate the favorite palms of your landscape design, call our team today to schedule a design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.