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Jacksonville Exterior Home Lighting Breathes Life into Your Home After Dark

As a proud homeowner, you invest time, energy, and money into making your home a showpiece that’s inviting, comfortable, and safe. Your Jacksonville outdoor lighting is an integral part of this effort and an effective way of accomplishing these goals. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville for your outdoor lighting needs, we take the hard work out of your hands and leave you with peaceful lighitng to enjoy night after night.

Beauty and Décor

Patio and landscape lighting

Your outdoor lighting in Jacksonville can add to the beauty of your home, it’s architecture, landscaping, added features, and more. Expertly applied illumination spotlights and accentuates the distinct features of your home that deliver its unique beauty. Carefully chosen fixtures and bulbs offer cohesive décor that creates the perfect inviting ambiance.

Lawn lighting highlights your lovely grounds. We are skilled at the strategic placement that enhances the appearance of your gardens, trees, flowers, shrubbery and landscape accents. Our lighting emits a warm glow over your grounds, augmenting their natural beauty and showcasing specific important areas.

Home Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting Jacksonville

Outdoor lighting serves many functions. While aesthetic appeal is a significant component, safety is an important consideration as well. We always consider security lighting as we layout your personal design. We incorporate this into the placement of all your outdoor lighting. This allows you to increase safety without resorting to harsh, glaring lighting. Instead, we incorporate security with artistic lighting that merges beauty and function.

Architecture lighting

Lit walkways reduce stumbles and falls. Illumination in otherwise dark areas of your estate discourage criminal activity and zone lighting adds to overall safety for your family, your visitors, and your property. Automatic timers set for specific lighting options deter trespassing and enhance security. We employ these and various other lighting options to creatively design a safe zone around your property that also adds to the beauty of your home.

Increased Functionality

Outdoor Lighting in Jacksonville That Makes a Difference

Great outdoor lighting also allows you to enjoy more of your property in the evening. It essentially extends the boundaries of your home. Enjoy your patio, deck, pool, and gardens in the evening as easily and fully as you do in the daytime.

For the beauty and function of outdoor lighting that exceeds all your expectations, call on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville at (904) 342-6040 to receive your free outdoor lighting consultation

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